Maning Mani

I just chow down another 50 grams (1 cup) of spicy garlic peanut on break time hehehe! curious lang kung ano meron sa mani, nutrition wise. Sa dami ng pwedeng mabili sa convenient store eh mani na lang pinili ko. Well basically as much as possible ayaw ko kumain ng masyadong prinocess na food like chips, biscuit, noodles in a cup, basta, kung mani at least kinakain mo pa rin sya sa kanyang natural state , halos ni-roast lang at talagang mani sya, i mean, kung babasahin mo ang ingredients: Roasted peanut, garlic, and salt, yun lang. versus sa mga ibang nabangit ko earlier, some has something in it i cannot even pronounce. So while munching it down, i googled for benefits/nutrition makukuha ko sa pagkain ng peanut.

Interestingly, sa serving na (3-4 tbsp):

25% Vitamin E - Vital antioxidant which protects Vitamin A and the body's cells and tissues from damage. It is important for the immune system and may aid in the prevention of tumor growth. -- gusto ko yan.

19% Niacin - Necessary in more than 50 of the body processes, niacin is primarily important in the release of energy from the food that we eat and maintenance of healthy skin, the nervous system and the digestive tract.

10% Folate - Important for development of new cells in the body, particularly during periods of growth and during pregnancy.

8% Thiamin (B1) - Needed to ensure normal functioning of the nervous system, appetite and digestion.

4% Vitamin B6 - Produces and breaks down proteins in the body and manufacturers red blood cells used to transport oxygen in the body.

2% Riboflavin (B2) - Releases energy from the food we eat, helps skin stay healthy and assists in the normal functioning of the eye.

12% Magnesium - Important in the building of bones and teeth, creation of protein, transmission of nerve impulses and maintenance of body temperature.

10% Copper - Important for the formation of hemoglobin, health of bones, blood vessels and nerves.

10% Phosphorus - Component of all soft tissues that is fundamental to growth, maintenance and repair of bones and teeth.

6% Potassium - Needed to ensure water balance in the body and in the creation of protein. It also helps release energy from nutrients and aids in nerve impulse transmission.

4% Zinc - Aids in the formation of protein, wound healing, blood formation, taste perception, appetite, night vision and general growth and maintenance of all tissues.

4% Iron - Aids in the formation of protein, wound healing, blood formation, taste perception, appetite, night vision and general growth and maintenance of all tissues.

2% Calcium - Needed for the development and maintenance of healthy bones and teeth

Peanuts like most foods, contain fat. Fortunately, nearly 80% of the fat in peanuts and peanut butter is unsaturated fat—the good fat —which may actually help lower LDL-cholesterol levels (the bad type of cholesterol) in your blood. In fact, because peanuts are so versatile, good tasting, and nutritious, they are included in many medically endorsed weight loss and diabetic diets.

Well, bukod pa pala dun, meron din sya anti-oxidants (mas mataas pa sa ibang fruits like strawberry) na nakakatulong sa pag iwas sa cancer, heart problems, migraine, at anti-aging na rin.

Gusto ko rin na meron syang 30 grams of protein for every cup... pampa maskels hehehe! tamang tama, sa pag develop ko ng aking pecs at trapezius.

Not bad, very nutritious at healthy pala ang napili kong snacks... daming benefits! how about pimples?, hmmm di ko na oobserve na merong breakup... meron ako ibang food na iniiwasan na like Milo choco powder? chamomile tea? or too much white sugar?or certain peanuts, yung niluluto sa kalsada, yung may brown film/skin pa, ang oily kaya nun .. so pag roasted peanut eh "mani mani" lang =)

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