Signs that you're bitter

Ey, di ako bitter ngayon ha hehehe nor patama bahala na kung sino tamaan. hehehe. I just got this voice file and transcribed it, actually marami pa namang ibang "subjects" na pwede ko itranscribe but i just picked this randomly hehehe. after all, naging bitter naman tayo at some point of our life at sa mga susunod na araw. Nakakatawa lang... tipong laki ng galit mo sa mundo or to certain people or the luck that was brushed sa ibang tao tapos ikaw kinalimutan na lang at ina isolate mo pa talaga ang sarili mo while holding this burning coal na ikaw din ang nasasaktan. anyway... here some odd signs...

Signs that you’re bitter.

1. When you cannot accept rejection; reacting to it at the most contemptuous manner.

2. When you always feel that you're a victim of circumstances. You think that is beyond your control.

3. When a person sees a couple, and he/she would say, “Maghihiwalay din kayo!”

4. You’re bitter if you spell “love” as S-U-C-K-S

5. Bitter ka pag lahat mo ng lovers mo sinasabihan ka na “Maligo ka naman before and after” (sometimes you know, the figurative bitterness comes out – exudes from your pores, maybe)

6. You’re bitter if at the end of a relationship you don’t get mad, you get everything.

7. A friend said that he is totally fine but he doesn’t want to have any friends ‘cause he thinks they’re out to hurt him or betray him. He wouldn’t even trust anyone again and he’s 35.

8. “I just had a breakup and I went to hide in the library to cry. And then, an affectionate couple who were in love sat down near me, and then they started, you know, being affectionate/PDA’ing, and I felt so bad that I had to shout out at the couple and said “Sa labas na lang kayo mag-aral!”

9. For girls, you’re bitter if you see a really gorgeous girl who seems to have everything including the man of your dreams and you go “Sus, I’m sure, bobita yang babaeng yan!”

10. For men, it’s usually like he seems to have everything; he’s got a nice car, buff body, a gorgeous super model girlfriend, most men would always go “Maliit siguro ang … income nya”

11. If you don’t have money, and then you see somebody very rich and successful, you always go “They’re probably unhappy, their families probably, they don’t love each other or something” or “Siguro nangurakot yan”

12. When you have a list of former crushes or must haves that did not even know you exist entitled “Loosers: Maglaway kayo dahil di nyo ako matitikman”

13. Kapag ipinagkakalat mo sa chatroom na bading or mahilig sa menor de edad ang kaaway mo.

14. “I broke up with my boyfriend a couple of months ago. To cheer myself up, I went to the salon to get a foot massage. I was surprised that it was the guy that was tasked to do it. So, he was kneading my feet, massaging the feet and then I giggled to myself as I thought “Men, dyan kayo bagay sa paanan ko!”

15. “A friend of mine who got married received a card from guest who wrote, “You’re happy now, but 10 years from now then what?”

16. “My boyfriend while in walking in Greenhills saw a guy in a Ferrari. He turns to me “Kaya maganda ang car nya panget kasi sya”

17. Overheard from a high school math competition. A dark horse from UPIS won the particular competition where in the Chinese schools reigned the competition for 4 years; but that year it was the UPSI student who won. So this was what was overheard, sabi nung nanay sa umiiyak na talunang anak “It’s okay anak, at least pagkatapos nito sa kotse tayo sasakay, sya sa pedicab lang.”

18. If your definition of life per se is one heartbreak occurring right after the other.

19. Bitter ka pag sinasabi mo sa friends mo na wag syang masaya at baka umiyak sya sa huli, at pag nangyari nga iyon, you tell her “Ayan, sabi syo eh!”

20. You’re bitter if you pray so hard that your ex will never find someone better than you. And if he ever did find that person, iiwanan din sya.

21. When you say to a friend who’s just broken up “Ano, makikipag boyfriend ka pa?”

22. You are bitter when you boycott products of the company that didn’t hire you, when you break up with the bank teller, you close your account.

23. You’re bitter when all you think about is to devise your plan of making their life miserable just to get even.

24. If someone asked you to describe LOVE in two words, all you can say is “Good luck!”

25. You know someone’s bitter when anything good that happens to anyone, the person has something negative to say, just so to burst the other person’s bubble.

26. You see this very often with old people who lived their life in a very disappointing way and then they meet a young person who’s so optimistic about life, because it still lies ahead of them and they say something very negative like “Just you wait”, “Life will rob you a good dream, will rob you of your youth”

27. I said to my friend “Hindi ako bitter, hindi talaga ako bitter, I just know na mag hihiwalay din sila, I am not being bitter, it’s a fact. No, no I am not bitter, I just know better!”

28. You’re bitter if when you make face inside your head when someone around is happy and then you tell yourself “Ngayon lang yan!”

29. Bitter ka, kung lahat ng taong masaya sa tingin mo pretentious!

30. “I have a lot of kids. I met a couple who remain childless for 10 years and we started talking about child rearing. I thought she was okay with the topic, but then after several minutes she went “Pero kung ganyan lang magiging itsura ko after child birth di bale na lang”

31. When something bad happens, I just go “So what else is new?”

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