Repost:: MVA (motor vehicle accident)

Gusto ko irepost tong kwento na to na nangyari last year, nung maaksidente ako, July 26, 2009.


It was 6.15 p.m., Sunday, and it was raining hard! I just came from work and is now waiting for jeep heading Alabang. I got my big umbrella to keep me dry but I feel so tired and having little chills then. I was already standing on the sidewalk for almost 10 minutes, i guess.

It was so weird that there were so many vehicles that were passing by despite the fact that it was Sunday and raining hard, which is different from other Sundays - rainy days. I was really waiting long enough for both bound to be cleared before crossing the street to get a ride.

I saw this jeep coming from Sucat heading Alabang - south bound - and I think it is now safe to cross the street because I don’t see any signs of vehicles rushing from Alabang to Sucat - north bound.

As I had my three steps off the sidewalk, a heavy and quick impact had pushed me forwards and got my body slammed on the watery road! I have no idea what is that thing had just hit me from my back! For a minute I felt ringing in my ears, got disoriented and felt totally dizzy as my surroundings are really rotating and turned upside down. I felt severe pressure-like pain in my tailbone, a burning sensation in my hands and legs, and I was running out of air to breathe. I managed to pick up myself off the road with a painful and pathetic gait and tried hard to get back on the sidewalk where I just came from earlier. I touched my head and felt some aching bumps on it. I left my slippers and umbrella on the road and turned to the accident area. Finally I got a glimpsed of what vehicle have caused the nightmarish scenario.

I saw a motorcycle lying on the road and three passengers slammed on the road too, they were family; a man, a woman, and a 3- or 4-year old kid trying to get off the road also. I do not know what I was thinking that time; I am grasping my breath really deep and hard.

I saw the man approaching me and got scared what will gonna happen next. True enough, I got my first hard punch from the father landed on my body.

“Tang*** mo! Papatayin mo ba kami?!” Then another punch on my side! “Namamasyal ka ba sa Luneta ha? Di mo ba nakita, expressway yan! Papatayin mo kami ng pamilya ko g*** ka! Tang*** mo! then I got my Nth punch…”gusto mo pasagbugin ko yang utak mo?” Sabi ko, “tama na po, sorry na po Sir”! Another fist landed! I heard his wife crying “tama na yan!” and the child is shouting “Papa!”. I managed to cover my head away from the blows that he was giving and I continuously stepped back as he continues to punch me forward. I am soaking wet, chilling, and breathless.

The heavy rain is still pouring on us and the traffic has now become heavy too as the cars and jeeps were watching the commotion. He stopped throwing punches and he went back to check his family and their motorcycle … I am now 30 feet away from the accident scene, I wanted to cross the street again and just leave this horror for goodness sake, I was so helpless and in pain on my bare feet.

Then the man walked again on my way, yes, a second bout! And he threw couple of punches again uncontended! He keeps cursing at me! I heard passers by “tama na yan!” and “lumayo ka na kasi!” Then the man stopped and turned his back. I saw them getting up and ready and rode on their vehicle, i guess they were fine, especially the little boy. Their motor passed in front of me, and I, unbelievably, just made a bow, a gesture of “pasensya na po”!

Then it was me, alone again, chilling by the road. I gathered myself and tried to walk back to the scene and picked my umbrella and headed home, thankful, traumatized, dazed, confused, bare-footed, and feeling physically and psychologically abused. My parents brought me to hospital and i was off work for 3 days.

random things...

1. Mabuti pang sa akin nga sila nabangga kasi kung iniwasan nila ako at sumalpok sila sa pader, or nahulog sa creek nearby or bumanga sa ibang vehicles, baka mas malaki pang gulo.

2. Honestly di ko matandaan kung bukas ang headlight nila.


Nirepost ko to kasi may part 2. Last thursday night lang - involve ang utol ko. At binisita ko sya kahapon, oct 23, which happens to be my birthday, sa hospital and i have lots of thoughts about it.

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{ Mokong™ } | October 23, 2010 at 11:08 PM said...

Okay na naman ngayon parekoy? ingat sa susunod...

{ Ollie } | October 24, 2010 at 12:25 AM said...

@ MOKS - okay na, last year pa naman to, narepost ko lang kasi sa nangyari sa utol ko last thursday, nag fa-flashbacks lang, parang part 2 nga.


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