ANTM 17: Episode 2 Photo Shoot: Pink's Hotdogs

Second episode na ng ATNM 17! Time for some photoshoot ulit!

Kung sa nakaraang episode, yung mga models mismo ang nagbigay ng definition sa kanilang persona, this time, mga fans nila ang nag bigay ng "brand" kung ano talaga sila, kung ano ang tingin ng fans sa kanila.

Lisa - Daring
Sheena - Unexpected
Kayla - Free
Shannon - Trustworthy
Dominique - Survivor
Angelea - Persistence
Allison - Unique
Bre - Girlfriend
Camille - Proud
Isis - Inspiration
Laura - Lovable
Alexandria - Tough
Bianca - Candid

So, for this specific photo shoot, the girls were challenged to embody a certain word that branding specialist said that they all should embody.

During a challenge and photo shoot about branding, the women must create a new hotdog for the world-famous Pink's restaurant.

America's Next Top Model


Nigel: I'm not sure that I see survivor.

Tyra: You look like some celebrity that won an academy award, if you could careless, you just just wanna to get the hell out of there and get your Pink's Hotdog.

Ashlee: I love it, i really do. i think that you're stunning and i love your hair.

Nigel: I actually like this shot. It's believable. It's authentic. And of course if you're gonna be a star, that's a big part of it.

America's Next Top Model


Nigel: I love it! It's beautiful.

Leon: I see candidness and i also see talent.

Ashlee: I was like who is this girl. I love the photo, i think you have a beautiful smile

Nigel: Bianca was candid.

Ashlee: She is stunning. She's the pretties girl here.

America's Next Top Model


Leon: I think it is a great photo and i feel happiness and i loved it. I would look at this and say "Oh Pink's, let's go there for a hotdog after the party"

Nigel: I think it is very pretty. Is it trustworthy? I guess i trust you.

Ashlee: She is classic and beautiful - i mean its not like i'm like "oh i wanna go hang out with girl and have a hotdog" this is kinda - just really pretty.

America's Next Top Model


Ashlee: I guess what i think in this photo it's kinda something like I would do in a camera photo with my friend, like you know, so for me proud would definitely be something a little bit stronger.

Leon: I'm feeling the pageant vibe coming from your perfection.

Tyra: But it's also pageant. There is a way that you can be proud and still stand strong.

Leon: I think you represents pride but not in this photo and i do feel - it's pageantry - i'm feeling like beauty pageant.

America's Next Top Model


Nigel: This is more than lovable. This is too lovable. This is so lovable that it is - I fee like i shouldn't be looking at it.

Tyra: It's lustable.

Nigel: It's lustable.

Leon: I get an actressy vibe from you.

Ashlee: I don't love the way you stand.

Nigel: but i gonna say i love the face

Ashlee: i love the face.

America's Next Top Model


Nigel: I don't find it particularly inspiring, i think it's funny, i think it's interesting, i think it's a bit dirty.

Leon: .... (in this photo) I don't wanna know you. I don't wanna see you. I would be running to the car.

Tyra: I'm like opening a magazine and I'm turning pages - I'm stopping - I'm like "what the hell is this?" but in a good way and i read this differently.

Leon: This photograph is just overreaching for me; it's overreached, it over crotched. It's over!

America's Next Top Model


Ashlee: To me freedom is kinda like this - it could be like just being relaxed and your body in - is a little bit of pose for me.

Nigel: I'm not sure i see free.

Leon: I agree with the panel. I don't feel free...

Nigel: I would love to see the fly away bird like.

Leon: Let go! Let go!

Leon: Kayla's word is "Free" and i think that she wants to be but i don't think she is free.

America's Next Top Model


Ashlee: You're a doll. I think you're so cute and you do remind of like little fairy.

Tyra: One piece of advice when you're posing - so you're the weird, unique, out-of-the-box person, and that's a good thing BUT you gotta make sure that you don't go too much into cute.

Leon: This photo is not unique but she is unique in front of us. But it has some charm instead of a Courtney charm.

America's Next Top Model


Nigel: This for me is a more sweet and darling than tough.

Leon: I agree with Nigel, this is more girl next door but I'm gonna give you A+ because the styling is you have to become tough.

Ashlee: I love this picture. This is definitely girl next door but i like that - you can be tough with that.

Nigel: This shot, for me, is one of my favorite as a photo but doesn't say "tough" for me.

America's Next Top Model


Nigel: For me, unexpected, i wanna just really be shot - i don't wanna be surprised - see something that i'm just not gonna see - stuff really exciting enough. I know you got that in you.

Leon: I wish I saw both legs but that's it's a minor point.

Ashlee: Yeah because i wish you really like holding your dress up or something 'cause I love to see your legs.

Tyra: I don't think this is an interesting shot. I think you have so much more flavor than this - so much more effervescence, you know, and this is just kinda feel a little safe, a little sweet. You should go "ahhhh"

Nigel: I feel that she is sort of uninspiring to me and unfortunately it is not unexpected - it's expected.

Ashlee: It's a little like "Nah, here I am with my hotdog, posing"

America's Next Top Model


Leon: I love this because you could be Mikaela, you could be young Sophia Loren, you could be Melania Trump so it's great because you have accomplished a lot of characters.

Nigel: It's very believable. It's cute. It's endearing. It's certainly persistent.

Tyra: She's just looks like this European lady...

America's Next Top Model


Tyra: This is daring! This is crazy! This is out there! This is gonna make me go "oh my god i remember her from Top Model"

Leon: I think it's fabulous. I'm feeling Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex in the City.

Ashlee: It's fun. There's definitely a party going on.

Leon: This photo just makes me think daring, Sex in the City, young.

Nigel: Its' cool. It's different and its' certainly consistent and i think one of the great things about her and her brand is that you know what you're getting with lisa.

Tyra: I can see this picture hanging in things.

America's Next Top Model


Tyra: This to me looks very girlfriend like she is your best friend in the world but you do not want her to be your enemy.

Nigel: What I'd loved to see with you is - again - is that sparkle in your eye; I've got to see in the pictures. I would love to see it here at judgement as well and i think in this picture it's just had a little bit of a glimpsed that would really just hit the balance.

Nigel: I think Bree nailed the shot 'cause she has more spark in the eye, i think so. But i think what's more concerning for me is Bre in person.

Sheena just got eliminated and the best photo/shot belongs to Lisa.

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