ANTM 17: Photoshoot Episode 5: Michael Jackson Tribute

"You'll get noticed when you're off the wall"

For today's photo shoot, girls are gonna be portraying Michael Jackson through the years.

America's Next Top Model

Late 80's Era


Nigel: Wow! I'm blown away! The face, the mouth, the lips? It's genius.

La Toya: What I thought was really special about Shannon is the fact that when I gave her the belts to put on, she became back here to almost.

Tyra: Your planes on this picture are genius. What you have to do though was when your face is on that camera, don't just go with body but connect with this (eyes) too.

Tyra: i feel like this photo, you know, when Michael does the finger thing, i feel like she just did that and makes you went POW!

America's Next Top Model

Early 80's Era


Nigel: You were definitely inspired by Michael Jackson.

La Toya: Looking at this I would actually think that you're on the stage singing a song.

Nigel: The tension in your hands, as well as your neck gives you the energy and the passion.

Nigel: You can feel the song and feel the attitude. It's inspirational.

La Toya: Shes' actually performing when i see this picture.

Leon: It's Kayla's best moment.

America's Next Top Model

Late 80's Era


Tyra: The smooth criminal, here you go!

Nigel: I love that!

Leon: ... it's so stylish.

Tyra: This is fun, this is great. There's a model'esque thing about it that is so important.

La Toya: Every single movement is just perfect to me.

America's Next Top Model

Late 80's Era


Nigel: It's intense. It's cool. It's different. I don't get immediate Michael Jackson.

La Toya: You have an incredible body - your line is just absolutely fabulous and you're not utilizing that.

Leon: Also I am not feeling energy on the toes.

Tyra: I love the intensity in your face but at the same i think you can do a lot better.

Leon: She's got to master to use her limbs and coordinate everything together to make a POW picture.

Nigel: Unfortunately i think she was too inspired by the album name "Bad".

America's Next Top Model

60's Era


Leon: I think it is wonderful!

La Toya: I think you captured the essence of that era. I see the Jackson 5! And I also see Allison.

Tyra: I think this is Italian Vouge. This is Franca Sozzani doing a Michael homage.

Nigel: It's a great shot! For me this is the fashion shot! She hasn't lost her model.

La Toya: This is picture is very believable for me. But when I look at this picture I seen an Allison this innocent little boy.

America's Next Top Model

80's Era


Nigel: I don't see Bree. I see Michael Jackson. And so for me I look at it - it makes me feel nervous.

La Toya: She kept holding her breath (during the photo shoot) for some reason Tyra. Let it out because that's gonna give you power and force and your feelings - those moves when you let it out.

Tyra: Bre, I don't know many people that can stand on point that are not ballerina and for Michael Jackson - and keep their face that calm, it's almost like this picture is like opposites but that's what makes this so amazing.

America's Next Top Model

Late 90's era


Nigel: I love the pose. I love the hands. I love the angle. I like the fact you've gone through it. But i love the fact I see you in this picture.

Tyra: It's corky. I like that it has a little bit of sense of humor.

La Toya: I like what she's doing - it's a bit whimsical.

Tyra: And she is modeling H to T (head to toe) to foot.

America's Next Top Model

Early 80's


Tyra: Thriller!

Nigel: Are you doing this bits once again? This is your go-to move, no matter what you're doing. Michael Jackson, in my opinion, this is such a perfectionist that you if gonna do it, it's gonna be good.

Tyra: Andre (Leon), you're having a problem?

Leon: For me this picture is NOT Michael Jackson. The hand in front of the crotch does not do it for me. This is the weakest link in the whole series.

Tyra: You don't think that this cycle we're talking about a girl really making a stamp and being known for something that this is her signature leap?

Leon: The signature leap would work in other challenges but it would not work in the Michael Jackson shoot.

Nigel: There's a time and a place for everything, this is not the time and the place for this kind of move.

America's Next Top Model

90' s Era


La Toya: I love the hand, the way you're pointing, you're legs just the way they are. Everything that you did was just great!

Nigel: The look in your face, it's loving, it's caring and it's memorable. I didn't know you have such a boyish look about you - it works so well.

Leon: And there is a nobility about this - there's a grace and dignity.

Tyra: I just love the arch. I love that you look as if you have wind on your body and it's just swaying backwards.

La Toya: The facial expression, just everything about her - she's magic!

Nigel: It's elegant. It's regal! It's stunning.

Tyra: This picture of Laura is the man that I grew up and was obsessed with - it's Michael Jackson!

America's Next Top Model

Early 80's era


La Toya: I don't see the powerful strong lines that i wish you could've captured. It's very good but it's very timid at the same time.

Nigel: It's the wrong kind of naivety. It's the naivety of "am i doing it right? or i am not doing it right?" versus "It doesn't matter whether I'm doing it right or wrong because I am just doing it".

Leon: I don't like the hands in the pockets. I just don't feel that it is strong.


Tyra: "We had our guest judge, La Toya, decide who was best photo. And not only did Ms. La Toya Jackson decide who was best photo, she did the entire order from best to worst."

Best photo: Laura

Bottom two: Angelea and Lisa

La Toya: "I have to tell you that my brother was about love, expression, about giving. What I saw on the photo shoot is that you girls all gave - you gave your love, you gave your expression. So because of that, I am not sending anyone home. You're all safe"

Photo: Tim Peterson/Pottle Productions Inc
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Thanks to Hommorazi photostream @ flickr

2 notes:

{ Modende } | October 15, 2011 at 5:59 AM said...

Everybody was safe for this week?!

{ Ollie } | October 16, 2011 at 3:31 PM said...

@jonel, ay hindi, lahat tangal na, kasi airing na ang ANTM cycle 18! JUK! (vice ganda ako ba'to?) LOL ^^ - surprisingly, walang na eliminate for this week. - i thought strong ang pix ni lisa, nasa bottom 2.


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