ANTM 17: Photoshoot: Personality of Persona

Who wants to be a fashion photographer? ME!

Nag start na ang isa sa bago kong paboritong reality show - America's Next Top Model (Cycle 17 All Stars)

Bakit ako na-hook? Dahil may element sya ng photography - fashion photography to be specific at kung paano maging creative sa mga photoshoots at kung paano makipag communicate sa iyong mga models.

Sa ANTM, every week ay may photoshoot ang mga model, iba ibang theme kada week, tapos lahat ng shots nila eh dadaan sa mga batikang judges para i-analyze ang mga pictures - kung ito bang mga shots/model eh bebenta sa mundo ng fashion business.

This specific season/cycle ay binalik ang mga all time favorites from different seasons - from cycle 1 to 16. (actually late ko na'to na umpisahan, sa cycle 14 na lang ata ako nag start)

Anyways, for this week, ang theme ng photoshoot ng mga models ay "Personality of Persona". They'll just project or transfer into photograph yung persona nila na tingin nila ay kanilang naging marka sa pagsali sa ANTM.

For this week, below are shots ng mga contestants at ang kanilang persona. Nasa ilalim din ang transcript ng comments ng mga judges (Tyra Bank - Host/Model; Nigel Barker - a fashion photographer; Andre Leon Tally - former editor-at-large for Vogue magazine; and Nicki Minaj, guest judge) sa bawat picture.

Episode 1 Photo Shoot: Personality for Persona

Personality for Persona - embodying their personalities that became famous on America's Next Top Model

ANTM Cyle 17 - Lisa

Wild Child

Nigel: Unbelievable. You're showing more than love in this picture.

ANTM Cyle 17 - Allison

Quirky Doll

Nigel: I love it. You've always be one of the most photogenic people.

Nicki: I would stopped on this page in the magazine.

ANTM Cyle 17 - Angelea

Girl from the hood

Nigel - Oh no you did.

Leon - ... i think you are projecting good but is Beverly good.

ANTM Cyle 17 - Camille


Nigel - Nice! What you know i like about it is that i actually do see a softer side 'cause you sort of hiding behind that pillar, you not just in front and say "Here I am"

Leon: "Divalicous"

Tyra: You had a pretty body back in the day but your legs 7 years later have gone until like amazingness.

ANTM Cyle 17 - Dominique


Nigel: "You know the funny thing is i do not see masculine at all that i see very feminine and wow! what a shot?!"

Nicki: "This looks like it would be sexy to a man and to a woman."

ANTM Cyle 17 - Shannon


Leon: "I think it's beautiful. I love the innocence but at the same time the confidence."

Nicki: "I don't know Shannon. I do remember you girl. I think the styling was amazing but I still feel like you're holding a lot back."

ANTM Cyle 17 - Alexandria

Tough California girl

Nicki: "I - ughhh - look, i know what standing in front of me is beautiful, i dont love this picture at all; I don't even think it looks like you."

Nigel: "This shot for me does nothing. I know you can take good pictures."

ANTM Cyle 17 - Sheena

Harlem but not Hoochie

Nicki: "I don't believe you in this picture. It looks, to me, a little bit amateur. I definitely wouldn't stop if I saw it on the magazine."

ANTM Cyle 17 - Brittany

Party Girl

Nicki: "I would say you know that i would just love, you know, to see extension on the leg a little bit 'cause you have amazing legs."

ANTM Cyle 17 - Isis


Nicki : "I don't know what the heck you are doing but it's almost like you're not even applying any pressure on your arms to hold yourself up."

Leon: "You are the new mermaid darling. This is a mermaid of 21st century. Fabulous."

ANTM Cyle 17 - Bianca

Align Center
Loud and sassy

Nigel: "It's actually - it's a stunning show, you know for some odd reason it almost looks like a vintage picture."

Leon: "I think the photo for me is too vintage; I'm almost feeling Fox Brown."

ANTM Cyle 17 - Bre

Ghetto fabulous

Leon: "Bre, the photo for me is cliche, this could be done by anyone."

Nicki: "If you gonna do the short hair I would rather do more sleek cause' - just my opinion but everything else it looks dull."

ANTM Cyle 17 - Kayla

Proud lesbian/Super Gay

Leon: "I love your face in this photo but this one - little small - and it's the fist."

Nicki: "I like the dress. I love the shoes. These legs look sexy. I don't love anything else about it."

ANTM Cyle 17 - Laura

Country Cutie

Leon: "It looks like "hee hoo" and you make it high fashion and the house who wants this so couture it's rocking for you darling."


For this week, ang best shot ay kay Isis at ang nasa bottom at tuluyang na eliminate ay si Brittany.

Photo: Celeste Canino/ Pottle Productions, Inc 2011
Pottle Productions, Inc. All RightsReserved

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