ANTM 17: Finale

Efkola, Aneta, Omorfa!

Cover Girl Magazine Photoshoot

America's Next Top Model


Nigel: Absolutely, it's beautiful in many respects. It's not my favorite shot of you. It's almost a little vacant. I don't know exactly what I'm looking at. I'm kinda look all over your face. I know it's meant to be eye makeup but I'm searching.

Tyra: You, know we always say that the eyes are the windows to the soul and when I look at this picture I kinda see vacant. You needed to smize! You needed to squint a little bit and kinda feel something through and sell the makeup.

Mr. Jay: I love your body position. I love the way your shoulder is. I just wish the expression is better.

Andre: I think you look wonderful in the photograph but I don't know what you're selling and I would love to think that your eyes would have given me a message.

America's Next Top Model


Nigel: So Lisa, it's interesting for me 'cause what I see there is only eye showing and guess what, that's what you needed because there's a lot being said in that one eye and I'm going straight to it. It's cool. It's different. It's you.

Andre: It's very very sexy. It is suggesting that this Cover Girl makeup is a very fabulous.

Mr. Jay: What I love that you did on set Lisa is you really thought outside of the box because Cover Girl is all about the new edgier girl.

Tyra: To me, your doing this - come to me - It's almost like a fortune teller. It's alluring.

Nigel: You can read my cards anytime.

The Deliberation

Tyra: Are you guys ready -

Andre: I'm ready!

Tyra: - to decide who is America's Next Top Model All Star?

Nigel - All Star!

Tyra: We have Allison and we have Lisa - two strong girls but two very very different girl.

Nigel: Both have something special, there is no doubt about it.

Nigel: Lisa amuses me over and the fact that she just is willing to take it there - it's gutsy!

Andre: Lisa to me came in as a rag doll - at the first night out in the Square -

Tyra: - at LA Live with all the fans everywhere?

Andre: Yeah.

Mr. Jay: Andre, she had the most personality on the stage - she was -

Andre: But she was like a ragamuffin - but let me finish. I think that she got better as the weeks went by.

Tyra: Allison has some crazy die hard fans.

Nigel: Absolutely and she is a cool girl. She's interesting. She's weird. She's odd.

Mr. Jay: Look at her in this little Michael Jackson - This is so darling.

Tyra: I love her as Michael Jackson.

Mr Jay: And you know she truly, obviously captures peoples' heart, even the photographers say when they shoot her, they were like "Oh I'm so drawn in by her look" and she inspires everybody who comes around her.

Nigel: I can see photographers and people really wanting to make make her a muse.

Mr. Jay: You know what, Lisa steps on set, she makes you want to shoot her, and i think she is the type of superstar that can step on a red carpet and own the carpet.

Nigel: She's someone who's is all thing - she's a singer, she's an actress, she's a performer, she's a personality . I think you could buy into her brand.

Andre: In the Cover Girl photograph I saw fabulousness. I would stop at that photograph and look at her. The flaw that in Lisa is she is overly cocky and maybe she had a tough existence but -

Tyra: Lisa is a survivor. She has been through hell and back. She has been through recovery. I think that is a message to girls to say that you do not to have to be a victim of your circumstance. You can get passed that.

Andre: I see Lisa being a correspondent for Extra.

Nigel: They had a challenge and Lisa was one of the worse and in fact, Allison won the Extra challenge.

Tyra: Allison has the look. She has the feel. She has the soul. She has this thing that's new, interesting, different.

Andre: In Crete, there she was, you know, this is extra ordinary photograph of her -

Tyra: Shot by Nigel. I was in the set of the music video that Game, was directing - he fell in love with her.

Nigel: Those eyes - oh my goodness. Just stunning. So unique.

Andre: It's almost Alice in Wonderland.

Tyra: A model's power is her eyes. But the fact is, that she has to close them when the sun is shinning in them. What do we say to models? COME TO THE LIGHT - the light is your friend. But the light could possibly be Allison's -

Andre: Enemy!

Tyra: We have reached the decision.

Mr. Jay: Tough!

Tyra: Do you feel good about it?

Mr. Jay: It's right.

Tyra: We know who America's Next Top Model is.

Nigel: We do.

Tyra: First one.

"It's so weird, like I don't even know what to do. I just think that this is amazing and I'm not gonna let anyone of you down, that's for sure, none of you." - Lisa

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