Happy 10th Birthday SpongeBob!

Adik! hehehe! Happy Birthday ba ni pareng SpongeBob per se?.. Hindi. basta 10 years na umeere ang spongebob squarepants! nag start sila nung July 1999 yet na adik lang ako dito mga 2003 ata hahaha! so 6 years ko nang paulit ulit na pinanood ang season 1 at season 2! walang kasawa sawa! Yun lang kasing season na yun ang "umiikot" sa local channels (rpn 9, abc 5, and studio 23) pero sa abroad or cable channel nasa season 7! na sila! wahhh! meron kayang newer episodes/season sa quiapo? hehehe! BAD!

anyway, happy birthday to spongebob and gangs! post ko na rin ang songs sa fave kong episode.. The Lost Episode ...
All You Need Is Friendship
You don't need a plane to fly.
Plastic wings may make you cry.
Kites are made for windy days.
Lawn chair with balloons, fly away!
Inflatable pants, you may as well skip!
If you want to fly, all you need is...friendship.
Yeah. Good bye Jellies!

He's Flying (The Sponge Who Could Fly) Lyrics
Spongebob: I'm flying, I'm flying!
Town: He's flying, he's flying! He's really, really, flying!
Spongebob: They laughed, they scoffed, before I had liftoff.
Town: But now he's flying, he's flying high in the sky.
Spongebob: I'd love to hang around to say "I told you so",
but it's off to Jellyfish Fields I goooooo.
Roads and streets are not for me.
Mrs. Puff: Help! Please help!
My snail is stuck up a tree!
I've had her since I was a little girl,
but now it looks like the end of her world.
Spongebob: I have never felt so free.
High in the sky is the place for me.
Helping friends from up above.
These are the things that I loooooove.
I'll help Mr. Krabs reclaim his dime,
And I'll save Patrick from this mime.
Even Plankton needs some help,
when he gets tangled in the keeeeelllp.

I Wish I Could Fly
If only I could join you there in the air.
Floating free without a care
I wish I could fly and see things with a different eye
I could fly so very high and touch the sky
And never have to ask why it is that I can't fly!

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