ANTM 18: Episode 4 Photo Shoot: Posing with British Hats and American Hotrods

"Hold onto your hats and prepare for a bumpy ride!"

Women model British couture hats while posing in vintage American cars.

ANTM Cycle 18 - Ep 4 - Sophie


Nigel: I like what you are doing. This is very high fashion. But the problem is when the gown looks great and you looks great, the cars weren't perfect. So the lesson is you got to pull it together quicker.

Kelly: I just think it looks like a maternity ad for like a mom who is like hit the road or something -

Tyra: Maternity - a mom who hit the road - and she's pregnant and she's like "Peace Out!"

Kelly: And you're rolling with these hot Southern Cali low-rider dudes and you're not connected with them.

Tyra: With modeling, it's all about creating negative spaces that the light is passing through. I would like have to see a little bit more space between this - you see how it's gonna back? So if you have turned that more - seen that space, you would have matched his angle.

Kelly: For me, Sophie, is maternity mayhem.

Tyra: She looks pregnant.

ANTM Cycle 18 - Ep 4 - Eboni


Nigel: Gorgeous! Absolutely stunning.

Ms. J: You have that one wonky eye which is your left eye - so just go and play the mirror because if I have the eye too tackle like they might fall asleep when I get tired...

Tyra: You remind me of the little girl that is like 13 years old and wants to be sexy so bad! Just constantly trying to go for this sexuality that I don't think you're ready for yet. Even though you're 18 - so you're legally an adult, to me you don't look like an adult and that is okay because the fashion industry is obsess with young.

Nigel: If Eboni realize how gorgeous she is, not think about being sexy, not trying to flirt with the photographer.

Kelly: Her idea of sexy is working against her.

Tyra: It's working against her - she is to work baby!

ANTM Cycle 18 - Ep 4 - Catherine


Kelly: Cars are sexy and you have this picture that is not sexy. And your face is a little tense for me.

Ms. J: You could have pushed a little more and give me a little more neck as you push it - just extend just a bit more.

Nigel: It's a good shot. She can do so much more.

Tyra: I like Catherine's face in this picture because she looks a little handsome, you know, it is a little manly like just handsome woman which I like.

ANTM Cycle 18 - Ep 4 - Alisha


Tyra: There is a leg!

Nigel: There is a leg!

Kelly: The body is a little weightlifty for me - your proportion. I feel like a little bit you're at the gym.

Ms. Jay: I mean, aside from the Bologna and cheese with your feet?

Tyra: You know what that is?

Alisha: No.

Tyra: That's what he calls when a girl's toes hanging over the end of her heels.

Alisha: Oh, oh, oh, no, well...

Tyra: But the face I find - this is your prettiest face picture yet!

Kelly: I love her face in this picture, the rest to me, she looks like she is in a protein shake commercial or something.

Tyra: She's like you want leg?

Nigel: Ahhhh

ANTM Cycle 18 - Ep 4 - Seymone


Nigel: It was frustrating kinda shoot you because I didn't feel like you're committing and I almost got a lapse there at one point.

Tyra: This picture to me looks like you're the wife of the head of the Rose Bowl and you're on the parade. It's so crazy because, Seymone, you're body looks insane right now. It's like this amazing thing and you're not doing anything with it.

Kelly: This is just - I'm not a fan of mediocrity, i mean, it's just not fierce enough for me.

Ms J: I am not 100% sure if she is comfortable in her own skin.

Kelly: I haven't seen her on set or in any of her photos look like a model yet.

Tyra: The body is banging, it looks like Jessica Rabbit but this is - I'm disappointed in this photo.

ANTM Cycle 18 - Ep 4 - Kyle


Kelly: I love the shot of you. You're eyes are little squished - i love it! and you look like a nasty power bitch on this shot with this guy, like, I love it.

Tyra: To me, you look like the girl next door that rebelling against her parents and sneaking out of their house. I think this picture is fantastic.

Kelly: In this photo she is hot - smoking hot.

Nigel: Let's face it guy, Kyle is a complete mess in judging today but she can look incredible.

ANTM Cycle 18 - Ep 4 - AshleyAshley

Nigel: She has charismia and she also transformed like a chameleon. I felt like i was being taken to another era.

Ms. J: For me i just would love to have your head just a bit up.

Kelly: She needs to be very conscious of her brand and bring it to where ever she is.

Tyra: Charismia!

ANTM Cycle 18 - Ep 4 - Candace


Nigel: I was kinda disappointed, I'm gonna say, because you really didn't communicate with anyone around you. And your face is the same in shot after shot no matter what.

Tyra: I'm almost wishing I would have given you Azmarie's hair.

Ms. J: Ohhhhh.

Tyra: - so that you wouldn't have anything to hide behind.

Ms. J: Be careful if you gonna sleep in my bed.

Kelly: I'm crying. She makes me cry.

Nigel: Really, to honest anything but exotica. She is exotica to look at but not exotica when it comes to posing or just personality and bringing it.

Tyra: Exotica was forgotica.

ANTM Cycle 18 - Ep 4 - Laura


Nigel: Laura, I gonna say it was an extreme pleasure photographing you. I was sweating bullets. I was on the ground. I cut myself. I didn't care.

Kelly: For me, you look like a drunk Mae West.

Tyra: I love the twist and turn of your body. You are modelling - you're not just a model - you're doing the verb.

Nigel: She went there. She played along and she made the shot work.

Tyra: She's lying on the ground and no other girl decided to lie and drape themselves as such so she is zagging when others are zigging.

ANTM Cycle 18 - Ep 4 - Annaliese


Ms. J: Don't you think that she needs to learn to the _______ in this picture.

Annaliese: Yes! I agree! I need some tips definitely.

Nigel: It doesn't help when you put your legs really far apart -

Ms. J: Yes, I just gonna say.

Nigel - the left foot is really far to the left of her dress.

Tyra: You were using the muscles in your face. You're not just going - you're going - which is like so amazing, this is what i've been teaching on Top Model since Cycle 1.

Nigel: This business is about profitability and people liking you and being a team. I would book her again.

Tyra: You would?

Nigel: I would.

Kelly: As much as I feel like she is more of a television presenter than a model most of the time, i feel like here she is - I love the shot of her. I think she is throwing every week.

ANTM Cycle 18 - Ep 4 - AzMarie


Kelly: The pose is fierce with a capital fashion F!

Ms. J: It's just fierce. I'm leaving! I'm leaving!

Tyra: This picture is so amazing to me, it looks like animasia - it's not a human being that actually made this pose.

Nigel: She has sort of grumpy thing about her, she's like "I'm to cool for school" And i was photographing her "Oh my god you look amazing" and she is like -

Ms: "I know".

Kelly: So she didn't give you any feedback, any energy back.

Nigel: She gave me this - which it was enough for this time.

Tyra: J, you're being fantastic, do you know how gorgeous your posing right now?

Ms. J: I know.

Nigel: So gorgeous.

Ms. J: I know.

Tyra: You just look stunning!

Photo: Chris Frawley/The CW
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