ANTM 18: Episode 5 Photo Shoot: Covered in Maple Leaves and Syrup

"Sticky & Sweet and oh so delicious!"

For the photo shoot, the girls are covered with maple syrup and leaves.


Nigel: Wow! I just go straight to your face and you're just looking at me - it's fiercing those eyes of yours. You can do a lot of stuff with all of this maple syrup but you're not telling me that story with your eyes.

Beverly Johnson: You know what i love about this photograph, it's not sexual. It's high fashion.

Tyra: I want more. I think if you would have bent forward and really fierce through and give me a little bit more weirdness, it would have taken me there.

Kelly: I like the shot of Sophie - it's not her best shot - it's a little pouty and is little like feisty but i like it. I mean i think it's far better than a lot of the other ones.

Nigel: You know that good shot. Good is a B. If you want to become America's Next Top Model you gotta become an A.

Beverly: She obviously has something to book 4 shows out of 8.


Kelly: I really want you to model more. I really feel like there's this super model living inside that you have a lot of potential to really do something major. And for me, it's like the head to toe perk is not really connecting it.

Nigel: Use your angles, play around! Have fun with it!

Kelly: Alisha is not doing it for me. I think there is something wild and amazing living inside that girl and i don't we've seen it yet.

Beverly: Alisha is not very creative here. It's very safe -

Tyra: - in a box.


Nigel: For me it's actually my favorite shot I've seen so far.

Catherine: Really?

Nigel: Yes. Really.

Catherine: Thank you.

Nigel: You know what, there is a sincerity in there.

Kelly: When you're standing in front of me today you seem a little broken - is not really in the game of like a competition like I'm still here to win America's Next Top Model -

Catherine: Oh definitely yeah. I promise.

Kelly - and the shot is great but keeping your head in the right place and making sure that your feet follow is a huge part of being successful.

Tyra: This is stunning! You're a smizing like through my soul - like through my forehead and the back of my head like you're working it.

Nigel: When i looked at her eyes there is a story that i go straight to them. If these were a campaign for eye make up, it would be genius.

Kelly: Catherine for me like her mind is creating a lot of mayhem and there is a lot more mind than there is modeling.

Nigel: She is ________ in front of us today.


Nigel: Beautiful. Stunning and that's it. I like the body language. I like the shape you created. And then the look in your eyes, it worked which is why I up.

Kelly: I love your face in the shot. I would like to see a little more energy - What does this mean? what were you expressing?

Laura: My best friend died into a motorcycle accident like before i came here. And my face was finally letting the emotion through and my body was trying to hold back the pain I was feeling.

Kelly: Since you think cause I say that i really love the way that your face look and I felt like you're slightly guarded. Thank you for sharing that.

Tyra: This picture is the most vulnerable i've seen of you. And i think it is the most beautiful i've seen of you. So yes, you're the wild girl, the quirky girl BUT inside there is a vulnerable person and this is really really strong.

Kelly: I love her face. I know you all love these poses, not my favorite thing but i love the image and i like her and she's been a consistently strong girl in this competition.

Tyra: Maybe she crunched even more.

Nigel: And I see something very special in this girl, i see a tenderness yet a rock and roll that ying and yang works really well- it's exciting.


Tyra: Finally a dinosaur! I love your body language!

Nigel: Very animalistic and i kinda like the crawl in many ways. It works for you.

Tyra: I love your bone structure. I love this jaw bone it actually reminds me of Beverly Johnson a little bit.

Beverly: I actually say the same thing.

Tyra: Were you?

Beverly: Yeah.

Nigel: It's the animalistic thing happening. I love her bone structure and i can't get pass to sort of presenter in her - the sort of -

Tyra: The host.

Nigel: The host.

Kelly: Sometimes i wake up and i have dreams of her talking.

Tyra: I think Annaliese booked those fashion shows because of the personality. She is the living breathing proof that it is not just about what you look like, how tall you are, but that extra omph!


Nigel: Definitely feeling the maple and on the heart. I haven't get to remember to remove the fear. Right now you're looking at me, you kinda like squinging like "Oh, what's he saying?" is a little bit of that in your eyes here too.

Kelly: I love seeing you every week. You bring a lot of joy to the competition. i love your personality but it's not enough. The shot for me, I feel like you're from like an elf tribe and you lost your plan. I don't know what to say about it. It doesn't do anything for me.

Beverly: I love your face. I just love your eyes. I love the expression.

Tyra: There is a sadness in your eyes, i think it adds some vulnerability and some softness.

Nigel: A look in her eyes - there's still a little frightening. And that frightened look -

Tyra: You don't like the scared?

Nigel: You know, its' pretty but it doesn't work when comes to advertising. when it comes to selling - sales, people don't buy into fear.

Kelly: I don't know what magazine that this shot could go in. I don't know what i would do with it as a publicist - don't know where i would try to place it just to be honest and she needs model.


Beverly: Oh you have my old waistline! I love this! The leaves and the syrup and the pose is so weird. Your eyes are extraordinary - extraordinary

Kelly: You're a beautiful girl and you shoot beautifully and when i look at you body and i look at your features I see a model.

Beverly: Kyle is a fashion model. I love the way she looks.

Nigel: For me it just doesn't work. I find her arms just dead - it's placed on her head - it looks like she's been there for 5 or 6 frames too long.

Kelly: I really feel she's _____ in Avatar in this shot. I really -

Tyra: She likes it!

Kelly: Yes I like it. I like it very very much!

Tyra: And i like it. We like it!


Beverly: It's just hot! So many interesting looks! - the tattoos, it's just original!

Kelly: Smoldering hot! Boiling hot! Chica chica chica yes! I love it!

Tyra: Look at your eyes kinda looking over like "Come follow me boys I see you're looking at my booty don't you want some of these maple booty?"

Nigel: I just the love shot! There's movement. And there's fashion and there's story. This is what it's about. This is what we lived for. This is what i live for. This is what gets me -

Tyra - Ahhh i can tell!

Beverly: It's so true because she will work a lot. She's different. She's original. She could be a star.

Tyra: Now she's cocky! do you notice? She's like "I know, you better like it."


Nigel: For me, this it the best beauty shot I've seen of all the pictures so far. I would closed up to your face absolutely flawless.

Beverly: I see, you really know your body. You know where to place your hand, you know who you are. I love this photograph.

Kelly: Really, really, really, really beautiful use of your body and your face.

Kelly: Beautiful. She looks hot!

Nigel: I think for me, facially, this is the most dream vogue face of the bunch.


Nigel: I think it's gorgeous! I just love this whole picture.

Kelly: There is a French painter called Matisse, and in Paris they have a word to describe exotic beautiful young girls and it's Matisse - and you're Matisse - so really well done. Beautiful job.

Tyra: This is slammin'! Yes, you look very sexy but there was a pureness about it. You're doing it.

Kelly: Eboni, 30-never, she's so hot! She is a Matisse, exotica gone girl.

Nigel: Eboni in person is a pretty girl but nothing special AND THEN this photograph. This face, this sort of movement, the hands, the gentle fingers, the twist of the body, this is so many things. This is bookable.

Tyra: She looks like she is dancing and she was caught mid motion - love the arched back. She is working it!

Photos: Miguel Jacob/Pottle Productions Inc
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