Melting Men: Burnt by the sun

Around a thousand ice figures by Brazilian artist Nele Azevedo were melting within 30 minutes symbolizing the effect of global warming in a Berlin square in an effort to draw attention to melting ice caps in Greenland and Antarctica.

Temperatures in Berlin were about 73 degrees Fahrenheit (23 Celsius) Wednesday.
The installation, Melting Men, was meant to spotlight the World Wildlife Fund's warning that melting ice could possibly cause levels to rise more than 3.3 ft by 2100.

The group warns that the warming of the Arctic will change weather in different parts of the world and increase the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.
Since 2005, Azevedo has been setting up her Melting Men in various countries around the world. Although originally intended as a critic of the role of monuments in cities, environmentalists around the world are adopting her work as climate change art.

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