ANTM 17: Episode 3: Modeling on Stilts in pairs

Tyra mail:

"My, what long legs you have!"

The women are paired together and must handle the difficult challenge of modeling on stilts.

America's Next Top Model

Alexandria & Shannon

Nigel: Whoa!

Tyra! Whoa chow!

Kristin Cavallari: Wow!

Leon: So lady gaga - it's culturally - it's so exciting!

Nigel: So Shannon you're obviously the trustworthy one; she (Alexandria) has to trust you and you're taking the tough move. I would love to see a little risk with the trust, had you just kicked up your leg or done some little twist on it then i would be like - okay, you're a player too.

Kristin: If i was looking through a magazine i would definitely stop on this photo.

Tyra: I went into the photo editing room and they have pictures of - and i was just like "what the hell? It's insane."

America's Next Top Model

Angelea and Allison

Leon: I'd loved this, this whole challenge because it's so dramatic and modern and i feel like i'm in cinematic moment of something wonderful. I do feel that Allison looks stronger than you Angelea.

Tyra: Let me tell you why, Allison is giving us a "booty tooch" - you know what a booty tooch is? Its' when you "tooch" your booty. Okay, so Allison's chin is higher so it's cleaner here and she is doing this (booty tooch) - see the difference to the booty?

Kristin: She's arching her back.

Tyra: She's tooching the booty! Tooch! Kristin, do you know how to tooch your booty?

Kristin: No - kinda like that?

Tyra: Yeah! You do tooch! That was a great tooch!

Kristin: Thank you!

America's Next Top Model

Dominique & Kayla

Leon: I think the picture is totally carried by Dominique. This could be in my salon!

Tyra: In your salon?!

Leon - with Dominique, i would have to airbrush Kayla out, unfortunately, you (Kayla) need to take a lesson of booty tooch because you have the same problem as Ms. Angelea had.

Kristin: This photo does not really stand out to me - it kinda looks like you're pulling on your hair. I don't hate and i don't love it.

America's Next Top Model

Camille & Isis

Nigel: This is the first shot that I have been blown away and i think it's very kinda clubby?

Camille: For me being on the stilts reminded me of Trinidad and Tobago where you go to carnival so i have that dancing thoughts in my mind.

Tyra: Okay, so that's the technical, how do i make it more glaresque and interesting as oppose to carnival tunt tunt tunt!

Kristin: Isis, i would have liked see your face a little bit more.

Leon: You know i feel, they are girls on stilts and there's one with some silver leggings - i don't feel the challenge which was so dramatic and dynamic and exciting everybody else is - but in this you (Isis) you win because you went "Ahhhh"

America's Next Top Model

Bree & Laura

Nigel: Wow!

Leon: Another winner!

Nigel: Interesting, very different, you both made the shot but very elegant. This could be almost a fragrance ad.

Leon: I love that you (Laura) a little lady with the Brandmode dresses comes out with the super feminine glamour pose and then you, Bree, come out as a stronger robot out of ________

Kristin: I love this photo. Bree i would have liked you do a little bit more expression on your face. I'm kinda don't know what you're thinking.

Tyra: Bree the one thing that you did - really beautiful with this is symmetry - and so you gave that but you have to remember "strong body, strong face too".

America's Next Top Model

Lisa & Bianca

Leon: Children!

Kristin: It's look like you worked really well together. You both look great.

Nigel: Do you (Lisa) ever have your photograph taken with your legs together?

Tyra: Bianca, I love you in this photo, you're working with the moment. It's almost like you are lifting her leg that she is not doing the work - that you're doing the work. ....this one i don't see like fear of heights but i do see little lack of energy, the only reason why it works is because of the push - it looks like "yeah I'm pushing her and I'm chilling"

Eliminated: Isis
Best Photo: Allison

Photo: Sarah Silver/Pottle Productions Inc
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