ANTM 17: Episode 4: EXPRESS Fashions with Male Models

"When you're a star you have to EXPRESS yourself."

"We all knew, EXPRESS photo shoot, we're gonna be doing something with EXPRESS clothes; maybe the winter clothes..."

Mr. J: "It is really important in this photo shoot that you're telling a story; and each of you will playing a role. Now there are 4 possible roles; the girlfriend, the flirt, the cool chic, and the socialite."

America's Next Top Model


Leon: You are the star and who cares about those men in the picture. I'm looking at you and what you're wearing and you looks like so high class - wonderful star!

Tyra: I think it's just there's a sweetness but a sexuality is very nice.

America's Next Top Model

Cool Chic

Anthony: This is very provocative and you're dead center and this is just really stunning.

Nigel: Of course you're icy look works geniusly in this picture because it makes you kinda tough and cool and hip.

Tyra: You're definitely the cool chic.

America's Next Top Model

Cool chic

Leon: It is selling the Express. Hot color! Color-blind fashion. Dynamic.

Nigel: It's just a right amount of sexy. If you see the little swerve in your body - this little "S" shape you're creating - that's just the right amount.

Tyra: I thought you rock this photo shoot.

America's Next Top Model


Nigel: Cute, you know, it's almost too commercial for me. It's too sort off - it's not really a fashion campaign.

America's Next Top Model


Anthony: Alexandra, it feels like your body wants to be confident but you're expression doesn't.

Leon: For me there's a story just the way your hand is doing that it's like "Up steps boys"

Tyra: I think you have to remember your customer; so there's all types of socialites; there's socialites that are 80 and there are socialites that are 18. Okay, so who is Express' customer? It's a younger woman. And i don't think this makes somebody in that age range wanna buy the suit

America's Next Top Model


Anthony: I have to say I love this picture.

Nigel: What I find interesting about you is that you seemed so awkward and then I see your photographed and they're relaxed. You're completely committed to the role. It's just this we're disconnected.

Leon: I think that there is a wonderful mood in your face and it works.

America's Next Top Model


Anthony: I think this photograph is potentially dangerously for you because you can crop up the other three models and it wouldn't look you're engage in the shot at all.

Nigel: I think it needs to be a little more activity in your eyes and needs to be, you know, really more get up and go.

Tyra: You have all of your supporting actors outshine you and it was a challenge to find you active and engaged in your story as oppose to just a pretty girl standing there.

America's Next Top Model

Cool chic

Leon: For the first time I'm gonna lost of words...

Nigel: As happy as it appears -

Leon: - it doesn't come off happy to me. It doesn't come off tragic but it comes off bogus.

America's Next Top Model



Nigel: What was you're story?

Bianca: I just wanted the guys looks flown all over me - i am not naturally a big flirt - i wanted to pull it in with my eyes -just give them that "come here, look"

Nigel: Okay that's interesting because you're actually not looking at anybody. You're not even looking at the camera. I actually look at the guy on the right of you. I see the flirt in his eyes -

Tyra: - he is flirting but you just - look up just pop them up - it would've been a fire.

America's Next Top Model



Anthony: This is the one that says that - this is like, "What? I'm here, what? What's the problem? You got a problem?"

Leon: You looks like one of those Russian wives; there is a story here and it's a real story of - B716 via Russia

Tyra: When it comes to the socialite world, there is new money and there's old money. You are new money. You are like "Here, my family came into this like last week, so what?" and i think it's fabulous.

America's Next Top Model



Anthony: The physicality of this picture is pretty great.

Nigel: It's super commercial - very much the girlfriend.

Tyra: So if I'm turning the pages of magazine I look at your face first and i go "Whoa" and then I'm like "Oh my god" then i go down I'm like "I want the purse and i want the shoe!" and it shows that you have been modeling since Top Model.

Best Photo: Angelea

Eliminated: Camille

Photo: Alvaro Goveia/Pottle Productions Inc
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