ANTM 17: Episode 7: Photo Shoot: Reality Stars on a Motorbike

The reality is, sometimes you just go along for the ride

Girls are gonna be riding all over Hollywood on the back of a bike to give energy and really pull it out. Girls have to embody two larger than life reality TV personality, either Nene Leaks (Housewives of Atlanta) or Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi (Jersey Shore).

America's Next Top Model

Inspired by Nene Leakes


Leon: I do like it because I get the moment, I get the feel, I get the attitude, and I get the vibe.

Tyra: I actually love this picture! I think you have zest. It looks you have a little hoothca five thing go on. I think you're selling it!

Nigel: This picture for me is kinda amature. I look at it and I do know I don't feel anything, and I feel nanana

Tyra: Oh i like it!

Andre: I think Laura is just charming and i like it and i like the photograph because I did get ___________

America's Next Top Model

Inspired by Nene Leakes

Nigel: Kinda cool. I kina like this picture. For me there is a narrative. I don't want you just to be Nene, I want you to be Angelea and then have an essence of Nene, and I feel that.

Tyra: I'm loving the Nene's cheek bones; these are - your cheekbones are -right? They are like cotton of air, looking into the distance and smizing into the horizon.

Andre: Angeli has evolved so much.

Nigel: I've got to agree with you Andre. I think she's really taken all notes all we've given her and improved and that's what its about.

Kathy: Absolutely. If they're not taking notes and they're not getting better and they're not opening the gates.

America's Next Top Model

Inspired by Snooki


Nigel: Cool for taking a risk. I definitely go to you - that's a star quality.

Kathy Griffin: You already bring the fierceness but it would be fun to see like a beautiful model, just waste it. I think you can act like. You can give that pose. I'm blacked out now, I can't remember any of this tomorrow.

Andre: I do like Dominique and I do think that she i s still has something. May be i haven't discovered it yet.

Nigel: That is underneath without makeup. She takes it on, come on.

America's Next Top Model

Inspired by Nene

Andre: That alone! (the finger thing)

Kathy Griffin: It looks like she's gonna start a girl fight.

Andre: That alone!

Kathy Griffin: Yeah, it's fun seeing this blond white girl bring that kind of attitude right?

Nigel: I'm glad you got your feisty nature back that's all I can say. But you kinda have take it almost too far sometimes.

Tyra: I like that she went all the way for this. To me, the shoot is more caricature than high fashion.

Nigel: Alexandria takes everything too far. I just don't really believe it.

Tyra: I like the finger!

Andre: I am a fan of alexandria. I think she, again, it's about improvement. It's about listening and learning and I really think she's improved.

Tyra: She's supposed to be tough and I don't feel like she's adhering to that.

America's Next Top Model

Inspired by Nene

Nigel: This works for me. It shows your bone structure; like I haven't seen it in ages.

Tyra: When we were deciding on who the "All the Star" should be, and I went through everybody's portfolios and I forgot how amazing your photograph. And, Nigel you're right, I am seeing what I saw in Cycle 5 right here, that strength.

Kathy: Look, I like she's got a total personality. I don't think she really channeled Nene but it's still a great photo, you know, I mean she's unpredictable, i like that.

Nigel: You know Lisa week after week after week for me has gone down. But this week, it all changed for me! And this picture by the way I think is one of the best of the bunch!

Tyra: I think Lisa looks sexy in this photo!

Andre: She looks sexy for sure!

Tyra: She's doing a little bootytooch, I know Nene got booty and I am feeling Lisa

America's Next Top Model

Inspired by Snooki


Kathy Griffin: I don't see Snooki. I don't look like to see a little bit of Snooki's hot mess.

Kayla: I have like this jacket on so i'm like let me try and poke it. Let me try do the bootytooch.

Nigel: I wish you have more eye contact. I don't sure where you're looking, it kinda this just totally dazed.

Tyra: Your fashion is fantastic, but your Snooki is not so sweet.

Nigel: I kinda forget her because she's not really selling herself. She's got the stuff like old points, all the times.

Tyra: But i remember her last Cycle whenever she opens her mouth it was like this sweet little thing and there was something that made you wanna hug her. Now, I don't feel like a strong something I can hold onto.

Kathy: If you're suppose to be Snooki then be Snooki. Dont' be Paris just out of prison with little hair and makeup.

Andre: I think that Kayla is not modelling - giving us something wow factor that popped, it doesn't come.

America's Next Top Model

Inspired by Snooki


Kathy Griffin: Snooki on very good day!

Tyra: I think all the awkwardness and all the weirdness is Snooki. I feel that energy, with a model thing wrapped in it.

Nigel: She has a potential. She really be a star. But you gotta own it.

Tyra: Be honey blood through and through.

Andre: Through and through. I am not saying moving on and giving me something that makes me excited about who she is.

America's Next Top Model

Inspired by Snooki

Kathy Griffin: There's something sort fun about the part where she looks kinda passed out on the guy which is always a good night.

Andre: I don't feel Snooki but it is a glamorous photo. I don't get messy. I think you should have played up and then given me an "attractive Snooki."

Nigel: She has a wow factor and has physicality but to be a star, no! Because to be a top model you've got to have a personality that people wanna vote.

Kathy: Bianca is gorgeous and tall and looks like a model. But if she can't take direction what good is it? It's okay to know your place, you know, I called my show "My life on the D list" because I know my place and she was sort of fighting where she is.

Andre: Darling, I am tell, you, Linda Evangelista, Kate Moss, if it's a tub is in pedals -

Tyra: Get your ass up in the tub!

America's Next Top Model

Inspired by Snooki


Nigel: It's a given that you've got the bone structure. It's your personality

Tyra: It's like a one (Shannon's past shot) I felt that there was a fire. Do you remember your picture with snake and you have the gold on? and you're like searing! That's one of my favorite pictures of all the Cycle of America's Next Top Model. It was sizzling through that camera and you need to bring that back.

Nigel: Where's the sizzle? You need to sizzle. You need something that's gonna make you excited when you see it. What's make you special? It's your personality. It's that little something

Tyra: I think Shannon's bone structure is strong. I think shes' going "yeah". I don't this is really a Snooki but I still think that she does take strong pictures and I do like somebody that does have a strong conviction.


Best Photo: Lisa
Eliminated: Kyla & Bianca

Photo: Mike Rosenthal/Pottle Productions Inc
©2011 Pottle Productions Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Thanks to Homorazzi photostream @ flickr

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