ANTM 17: Episode 6: Photo Shoot: Catfights with Coco Rocha

"Get ready to claw your way to the top!"

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For today's photo shoot, girls gonna have a good old bitch fight. Now there are some major campaigns out there right now that show models fighting or displaying aggression but it's very very dynamic. Girls are gonna be posing along side and compared to one of the top current working models in the business, Ms. Coco Rocha."

America's Next Top Model

Kayla and Allison

Leon: This is cinematic! This is really like - I feel that this is a great fight.

Tyra: Coco, you remind me of a matador in this photo.

Coco: I don't know what am I doing to you (Kayla).

Tyra: Kayla, you have this fear of death on your face just like "I wanna keep my pretty - and i am about to get beat down".

Nigel: Like I see the 3 of you working in incredible symmetry.

Coco: Allison, you were just like "What is going on?" (during the photoshoot), so to get this picture I am loving this picture and I wasn't expecting this for sure.

Tyra: I love your facial expression, Allison. Again, you're doing another in-take of breath very similar to your Michael Jackson photo shoot.

Andre: I love this photograph. I feel the tension!

Nigel: I'm just not blown away by Kayla; there's a stiffness in it. I like to see the next kick-up. I 'm just not sure that she's fully into it. Allison I think she looks extraordinary in this picture.

Tyra: I think it's very hard Coco for the girls to be in the photo with you and to stand out and to look professional. And I looked at this photo of Allison and I think she's holding her own.

Coco: She looks amazing.

Tyra: She could be in Italian Vogue!

America's Next Top Model

Shannon and Bianca

Tyra: Coco, i love your demonic face!

Coco: Thank you!

Nigel: Bianca, you look just exquisite. I go straight to your face and then like incredible teeth just like, you know, arrrrh - totally believe it.

Tyra: It's the ugly pretty -

Nigel: - totally!

Tyra: - you're doing the ugly pretty.

Nigel: And Coco is the master of ugly pretty! She's not scared to go that.

Tyra: Bianca, you look like a praying mantis, i think it's fabulous. And Shannon, if you would have just turned your face a little bit more to camera, you wouldn't have been upstaged by Bianca.

Andre: Everyone looks incredible. I think Shannon, your - strength in your face is great. I think your legs look weak.

Nigel: See, for me, Shannon in this shot just doesn't really work. I don't get drawn to her. I don't really believe her.

Tyra: It's technically good but it's not fashionably amazing.

Andre: No. It's all about Bianca. I just say she's like a predatorial praying mantis. She is roaring she is like that Indian line, you know when the movie comes that line?

Nigel: She's in her own moment, she's like RAWRRRRRRR!

America's Next Top Model

Laura and Angelea

Andre: I love the energy specially Angelea, your mouth open.

Nigel: Angelea, I love your face. I love the expression. You're screaming but you still look really beautiful.

Tyra: You're like the beautiful bride of Frankenstein in this photo Angelea. And Laura, I see you have amazing energy. I just don't see model, there's something about the way that you're moving your body that does not feel model'esque to me. I think you can do a lot better than this.

Leon: Angelea has come around, it's dynamic.

Tyra: Angelea in this I feel her pain and I love every minute of it.

Coco: Having her come on set, I kinda "Oh great, this girl is going home." But then she pulled it together. I was just really amazed.

Leon: Laura to me in this photograph, she doesn't come off as model; she comes off as stunt extra.

Tyra: Stunt extra!

America's Next Top Model

Alexandria and Bree

Andre: Ohhh interesting.

Tyra: Oh Coco you're doing a thing! Alexandria, in your photo, you're usually very high fashion - this looks like some reality show contestant that got to do a photo shoot with a super model.

Nigel: Alexandria, you're having fun with it but it's almost from a different story because it's the way your mouth is open. It looks like you almost have no teeth. It's just bizarre but that's one of the thing you have to learn - angles.

Leon: I like the way Alexandria looks because you're in total control of the body it's almost like an upside down ballerina. Bree, i think you're a little - like a socialite, not a model, who's really not convinced to me that this is a fight.

Coco: Bree - she was screaming. This would happen every time you would go "AHHHH! AHHHH!" You're so wrapped up with getting this emotion out that it was almost a bit too much.

Nigel: Bree, I don't get high fashion. I get kind of slapstick. And its' very easy if we are doing something which is over the top to go slapstick. It's important to be on the same page.

Coco: Oh, it's not even a scream, she's like "Alex, I'll save you! Police!"

Tyra: Call police all you want but who wanna call "Police!"

Nigel: Alexandria for me in this shot, she just looks a lot older than she is.

Tyra: Body position quite nice.

Nigel: I actually do love the body but I would actually crop her out, and that would be the picture like that, that would be fantastic!

America's Next Top Model

Dominique and Lisa

Tyra: I think you guys both are rocking the heck out this picture.

Nigel: I love your lip Dominique, really strong, really powerful. You're the star of this picture. And it looks like you're the instigator.

Tyra: Yeah! You also look like you caught the witness and that if they tell you're coming after them.

Leon: It's another great narrative. It's like a Quentin Tarantino still from Kill Bill 12! It's fabulous.

Tyra: Coco, how did you (Coco) feel about her (Lisa) pulling you're crotch?

Coco: I didn't know she did because this two, they were fighting but they actually were giving me a pose, pose, pose. It was just good that they worked as hard as they did.

Nigel: Lisa, I actually love you in this pictures. Well, you have your mouth open in pretty much every photograph and I was looking at your pictures from the challenge and one of the problems with your pictures is that your mouth was open and literally every frame. Here it was!

Tyra: No negative damn!

Coco: In this shot they were getting me excited. They knew exactly what they were doing.

Nigel: If there is anyone that would a natural at fighting, it would be Lisa, you know, and here we go! Shes' right in the moment and she got it like that!

Coco: Lisa was holding her own - she's just holding up her body and I just thought that was amazing because a lot of models are little lazy of those sort of thing.

Nigel: Dominique has gone really a long way for me, right? - She has caught the light, beautifully hair. Just in the moment, she's grabbing your (coco) legs, she's grabbing your hair, and then she captures the audience.

Coco: My back was mostly to her but I just can feel a lot of movements which, you know me I love when someone can just keep changing it up.


America's Next Top Model

Coco Rocha

Best Photo: Dominique
Eliminated: Bree

Photo: Douglas Friedman/Pottle Productions Inc
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Thanks to Homorazzi photo stream @ flickr

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