ANTM 17: Episode 10 Photo Shoot: Ancient Olympic Sports

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Tyra: I love the energy. I think it's fashion. I think it is very easy to do something and look like an athlete and it's difficult to like bring the fashion into it and make it high-fashion. So i love the awkwardness. I love the hands.

Andre: But my one problem is the heel is sinking into the ground in the back, that for me would be a terrible terrible moment.

Ms. Jay: For me i love the silhouette of the body. I love your face, that your eyes look like a little pooppie doll. I like it!

Nigel: This is a great shot. The process getting here is not comfortable when it comes being to be athletic - that's not her zone.

Ms. Jay: Well she once said to me that she does not doing runway. She is not doing catwalk.

Tyra: I like the weirdness. i like that finger like she's casting a spell. I love that she's tilting her body back.

Andre: She is giving me modern interpretative dance and i don't think it's successful.

America's Next Top Model



Ms. Jay: Gorgeous!

Nigel: Initially, Lisa didn't really want to do the hurdles.

Lisa: It was more concern -

Tyra: What i love about this is I see hurdles and i see high fashion as opposed to you jumping and go on "BLAHHHH" and like loosing all your model?

Andre: You're so athletic and it is your brand. This picture could have been fabulous for me if your knee to your tippy toes was straight like a log. There would have been a fabulous editorial

Andre: She jumps but she didn't jump enough for me.

Tyra: She didn't jump enough for you?

Andre: That leg has to be straight!

Ms Jay: I love fluidity. I love the gracefulness but it's just not strong enough. And the face is completely dead.

Nigel: I look at that face and i actually think -

Tyra: Dreamy! It's Nice!

Nigel: - it's dreamy and it's something different for her and it works in this picture. I think, yeah, it could have been more extreme? Yes! Could she have done more? Yes!

Tyra: I like it. I think she looks fantastic. She's flying Nigel!

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Ms. Jay: It looks a bit awkward for me.

Nigel: It's not easy - she is in heels. she is on an extremely rocky surface. She is on one leg. She's got a huge javelin in one hand.

Andre: Sweetie, i think you're beautiful BUT you come off in this photo for me as mad-sci warrior princess and not an Olympic champion - The leg is weak, soft, like butter. And Mr. Nigel said it was hard to do this in high heel. It's the first time i ever heard a photographer to make this feels for model.

Tyra: I really like your film but it's about nailing that shot where we go "Whoa!" not just a general feeling. So you need to like not just kinda sale with good film but you need to come with the BAM!

Andre: Dominique in this photo to me gave me mad-sci warrior princess and not Greek.

Ms. Jay: I think she is beautiful in the picture. I just think it could have been a little more strength for me.

Tyra: A little more "Arrgh!"

Ms. A little extra.

Nigel: You know this is no real fire for me. Is this a gorgeous picture? Did i remember at the end of the day? Not really. I started referencing all the pictures that i have shot that day and then I'm like "Ok what was the other one? Dominique." And i feel that all the way through the competition, who is Dominique.

Tyra: Not the most memorable person but definitely she is professional and she has been taking kick-ass pictures week after week.

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Shot put


Ms. Jay: It looks like she was just asking her girlfriend to "Hold my bag, wait a minute, hold on!"

Andre: I love that one foot is off the ground and the foot that's on the ground is not sinking to dirt. For me this is high fashion.

Nigel: Look at those straight limbs - very straight arms, very straight leg. I know that was Jay's main critic to you and although it works in the shot, a lot of your pictures were very stilted.

Angelea: I am sorry I'm just not athletic person. It may sound like an excuse?

Tyra: As a model you're gonna be hired to do a million things that you've never done. The best models know how to fake anything. Fake it till you make it. This was one of your most dead shoots. There was no smize in any eye, anywhere. It just was gone. Thank god the wind caught it. Thank god you're reaching because it wasn't Angelea.

Andre: Angelea in this photo for me rocks it very Greek.

Nigel: I guess the issue here is, listen okay, she has a potential - she could be a star- that she's got the face. She's very charming. And actually she's a lot of fun to have around. But i have to work very hard to get this. and i mean i stepped in and try to show her what are the movement - i mean i really stepped up through it.

Ms. Jay: I kinda knew what happen before this, before the challenge she was angry.

Tyra: The winner of the top model is going to be Extra correspondent - so she has a bad day but she has to go on the red carpet at the Academy Award to interview Angelina Jolie, Reese Witherspoon - how you think shes' gonna handle that?

America's Next Top Model

Bow and arrow


Nigel: Absolutely stunning! You had a great attitude. You have great ideas. You tried all kinds of different things. You just powered through that mask. I was very impressed with you. Well done.

Ms. Jay: I think it's a very strong picture.

Andre: It's a beautiful picture but what bothers me is this knee in this dress it look likes spandex.

Tyra: I love that leg is going through and the archery is going "poo poo" and you're smizing at the person you're about to kill.

Ms. Jay: I love this picture of Laura and i can see the expression through the veil - that says a whole lot for me.

Nigel: She is good. She is exciting. She comes to talk to you. She chats. She has something funny to say. She's like "You know what my sister has a bow and arrow and she kills rodents"

Tyra: I like this picture i think it's fiery. I think it's sweet. I love that she's ______ and she is not a twink. I like the picture.

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