ANTM 17: Episode 9 Photo Shoot: Bench Body Underwear in a Salad Bowl

Girls are going to be shooting in a Greek Salad bowl modeling underwear.

ANTM 17 Greek Salad - Allison


Nigel: Obviously, your eyes are close but it is still looks really beautiful.

Tyra: How was it for you posing in the salad?

Allison: It was really really fun. I just had trouble opening my eyes.

Nigel: You are known for your beautiful eyes so work on it - how to do that -

Nikos: It was a real problem --- because I tried to capture color of her eyes and I couldn't. But I like her very much and I think she can give a really interesting pictures.

Andre: I love the photo of her because although she has problem with her eyes, she managed to pull it off. It is something sort of sultry and dreamy.

Nigel: I agree i think this shot of Allison is beautiful. It's elegant. I love the body language - she's wilted and just collapsed. It looks beautiful.

Nikos: Yes i agree i like her picture. I think she can do a lot of things in this business.

ANTM 17 Greek Salad - Angelea


Tyra: So you were in the tomatoes, and the cucumbers, and the Feta, and the crouton - how was it?

Angelea: It was just awkward.

Nigel: You looked gorgeous. You're body looks great.

Andre: I like it. Is this a bikini or is this underwear, I don't know what is this.

Tyra: It is underwear that looks like bikini.

Nikos: I am happy that I do have this picture because in general I feel awkward to shoot with you.

Tyra: She said she felt awkward.

Nikos: Yeah.

Tyra: So if you're (Angelea) feeling awkward you don't want your photographer to feel awkward. I think that you are modeling from H to T - head to toe - you're hitting all the points as hard as hell - to lay on your back with the sun high, I like it.

Andre: I just don't like the photo. It wouldn't entice to me to eat the salad or buy the lingerie.

Nigel: Angelea's shot is cool. Is that very sexy kinda sport illustrated moment.

ANTM 17 Greek Salad - Lisa


Nigel: Wow! Interesting! Beautiful. Strong. You're body looks great. Is it interesting? Was it fun doing it?

Lisa: I had a blast!

Nikos: Lisa - before it's almost perfect but sometimes I had this sense that there was a computer in your mind and programing this for you.

Tyra: I think sometimes models are like "uh" "uh" so it's good, but it's not like flow, and like feeling it and like - 'cause there's like a moments in between that Nigel talks about a lot, that are the magic, and may be that's what I'm seeing here is kinda like "Errr" which is more swimsuity. So always remember what you're selling.

Nigel: This is really a swimsuit shot!

Tyra: Yeah!

Nigel: A swimsuit pose.

Nikos: Because all the time Lisa pulls a lot. She wasn't spontaneous at all.

Andre: As you say she has a DNA hard drive and it's also predictable.

Tyra: I think that sun is baking on her face and i think this looks like a swimsuit and i wanna go to the beach.


Tyra: Tell us about your experience on the photo shoot.

Shannon: Well i have decided several years ago that i would not pose on lingerie so I just couldn't do the shoot.

Nigel: You see that's one of those things and one of those moments were - I am confused just because I feel it semantics. I feel that it is word versus the actual - how much of your body is showing.

Tyra: What I've seen mostly is girl that say "I am not comfortable showing that much of my body" so it does get a little confusing to your audience the lingerie versus swimsuit.

Nikos: I don't know, for me it is like I don't want to book again this lady - so many limitations, you know.

Tyra: I think it is important to stand for what you believe in, I think that's a good thing. But because you didn't the photo shoot, your whole portfolio and performances will be considered.

Andre: I don't understand a point of view about lingerie in a bedroom just for my husband.

Nigel: It makes no sense. It's not a moral issue here. It's a labeling and a naming issue. She is the one girl who hasn't had best picture. Cycle 1, I remember all the pictures of her. And i remember thinking "Wow this girl, she's got something there. There was a spark."

Tyra: Her very first photo in Cycle 1, that's showing a lot down there -

Nigel: 'Cause she's also pumping her hips out. You learn how to work it. You learn how to model it.

Tyra: I still think that the fact that Shannon, regardless of if it's confusing to people, it's not confusing to her. There's so many girls in the fashion industry that are very desperate and wanted so bad and will do anything. And she holds firm, there's gotta be something that's positive about that.

ANTM 17 Greek Salad - Dominique


Nigel: I like the shot a lot. I like the look in your face, there is a strength there. You dealt with the sun nicely because although you're not looking directly into the camera - you're gonna also blinded by the light. I don't think I have ever seen you look so incredible.

Andre: It's gorgeous. The body - i love the hand in your hair. I think it's beautiful.

Tyra: That sunlight smacking that cheekbone and highlighting it, I think it is absolutely lovely and your film just rocked it.

Nigel: She got all the right things happening in this picture. Selling lingerie is the first and most important thing that should be happening in this picture, and she is doing it.

Nikos: During yesterday she was boarding well but at the same time she was sweet.

Andre: This could be Helen of Troy in a Greek salad. And this could be poster for Greece. This would bring you to Greece.

ANTM 17 Greek Salad - Laura


Nigel: It's interesting shot. It's not really glamorous for me. It's not really fashion for me either. You surprised me. You're such a sweetheart and then this face of yours in this picture is so erotic. It is just so kinda like wrong.

Andre: What I really dislike is this olive oil carafe as if you're pouring the oil on your hairdo. It's not my favorite moment for you.

Andre: Laura just doesn't work for me in this photo.

Nigel: It's funny for me because there's something about Laura that she is sort of opposites - she has two different things; she is so cute and cutesie and sweet in front of you but when she gets in front of the camera she becomes a sexbomb.

Tyra: Uh-huh! She's playing all of us.

Nigel: She's playing all of us for sure.

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