Kapalaran Mo Sa Year of The Dragon 2012

Ilang oras na lang ay Chinese New Year na at papasok na rin ang Year of the Dragon . Di mo naman maiaalis na ma-curious kung anong kapalaran mo ngayong taon na'to, base sa paniniwala ng ating mga kapatid na Chinese. Obvious ba na abot sa magkabilang tenga ang ngiti mo pag sinasabing swerte ka sa taong 2012 at inspired na bunuuin ang mga susunod na araw ng walang pangamba.

Sa kabaligtaran naman, pag di naman kagandahan at tagilid ang sabi ng bituin syo ay in-denial ka naman, "Sus, hula lang yan! Di totoo yan!" hahaha selective? I hope alam mo ang iyong animal sign; hanapin mo na lang sa baba kung ano ang nakalaan para syo ngayong 2012. Isang apir para sa'yo mula sa akin kung maganda ang sinasabi; at isang letter of sympathy naman kung 50-50! (Actually, mukhang walang panget na hula para sa lahat, nag hanap talaga ako ng magagandang forecasts lang hehehe, puro positive lang para inspired lahat)

Anyway, sabi nga ng isang isang manghuhula: "Hindi hawak ng mga bituin ang ating kapalaran. Gabay lamang sila. Meron tayong free will, gamitin natin ito.”

Your Chinese Sign: DOG










The Dog is born old and get younger as they age. You tend to take every little thing very seriously. 2012 will be an excellent year for those born under the sign of the Dog with a significant improvement in luck, if you keep your tendency to criticize in check. You must look at this year with optimism and determination as there are quite a few challenges ahead of you. Many new strong friendships will be formed. This year will also see a major increase in your finances and this could also be due to an inheritance left by a relative or your parents. It is also very important that you read the fine print on all documents carefully as there are chances of mistakes taking place and leading to losses. The months from May to August will prove to be a wonderful time for all you single people and it will fill your life with happiness. The period from October to December will be crucial in terms of the career opportunities it will bring. Yellow will bring luck in 2012.

Your Chinese Sign: DRAGON










2012 is the year of the Dragon in the Chinese zodiac and all your qualities come to the forefront post January. Your charisma will be at an all time high and people will look up to you for guidance and advice. You make a good impression on others and people love to have you around. Dragon people make it to the top easily as you are innovative and enterprising. You must however, closely watch yourself and avoid overdoing things. By constantly being active you can tire yourself out and may have to deal with stress-related issues. Your generosity will help many a lives in the New Year and those who receive help will appreciate your kindness. You must take up the practice of meditation and yoga to lead a peaceful and healthier life. Do things on a grand scale in 2012! April and May will be lucky months for you. East and southeast will be your lucky directions and the colours black and gold will bring luck!

Your Chinese Sign: HORSE










There will not be too many dull moments in 2012 for those born under the sign of the Horse. There may be quite a few changes on the home front this year. You will do exceptionally well career wise this year. March will be a good time if you are thinking of a job change. It would be advisable for you to follow a proper diet and take adequate rest this year with such a hectic schedule all through the year. If you meet someone special, try not to come on too strong as it can be a major turn off. Financially, you need to be more careful as certain losses are indicated. These may be the result of certain hasty decisions on your part. It’s important that you don’t jump in and analyse even the minute details for a positive year ahead. Keep strong emotions like possessiveness and jealousy at bay to avoid tense situations. The south is lucky and the month of June brings happiness. Dress in your lucky colour green for added charm.

Your Chinese Sign: MONKEY










Those born under the sign of the Monkey will be full of energy for most of 2012 but this may change as the year draws to an end. Your stars favour you and you will gain by staying alert all through the year. It is advisable for you to take a well deserved break in June as you will start to feel the pressure of your hectic work schedule. August to October is the perfect time for romance and love as many of you meet and fall in love with someone who fits the bill of your perfect partner. July to November will be the best time for making any job related changes. A switch will work in your favour. All of you will enjoy a lot of love and support from your friends and loved ones this year. Do not be overly emotional in 2012 and do not hesitate to take a bit of risk as this is sure to pay off for you. August and September will be lucky months for you in terms of love, career and finance. Wear your lucky colours red and black.

Your Chinese Sign: OX










Your patience and strength take you far in 2012! You will see yourself being chosen to lead some important projects at work. Seniors have always appreciated the effort that you put in to your work and the year 2012 is likely to bring in rewards. You will take measured steps and will be wise in terms of starting a new relationship, investments and seeking a loan. The fact that you read the fine print and think things over helps you keep away from making mistakes. Your stubborn nature however, may come in between you and the one that you so deeply love. Even though you want to tell special someone that life without that special person is not complete, your pride stops you. You are hesitant about taking the big step towards marriage. Don’t let pride get in the way of your happiness. Having the upper hand is fine, but for the sake of your long term happiness you need to step down and accept things as they are. January, March and December will be important months for you. The northeast direction brings you luck and colours that are lucky for you are yellow and blue.

Your Chinese Sign: PIG










People born under the sign of the Pig enjoy leading peaceful lives and make the most of everything that it offers, including family and friends. Your honesty and thoughtfulness will be appreciated by those close to you. For those of you born under the sign of the Pig, 2012 will prove to be active and full of challenges, just the way you like it. Go with the flow- this will be your motto in 2012. You will not worry about things too much and face situations practically without making much of a fuss. There may be additional financial pressure on you this year but you should be able to deal with this with a bit of planning. November and December will prove excellent times for change in jobs or even any new career. Take care of your diet as health issues are likely towards winter. Your immune system may be affected if you don’t pay attention to your eating habits. November will be a great month for you. Dark blue will be your lucky colour in 2012.

Your Chinese Sign: RABBIT










For the Rabbit your job and career will be the main priorities this year and you will remain focused all through the year 2012. Unexpected promotions and recognition at work are a strong possibility this year. Travel will also be a main feature especially in the months of July and August. Some of you may find it tough to cope with this year`s hectic schedule so you must not overdo it. Love seems to be on your mind but you are disappointed as you are not convinced if you have met the one meant for you yet. Don’t worry, you will meet that special someone soon enough. Year 2012 brings you many opportunities to meet someone special. You need to go out more often and have a social life that is not non-existent. You are an attractive person, believe it this year. It will add to your confidence. March will be an important month and the east brings you luck. The colours green and pink are lucky for you.

Your Chinese Sign: RAT










Year 2012 will be a busy time for the Rat as new projects, personal relationships and existing work – all demand time and attention from you. 2012 will prove to be a turning point in your life if you grab opportunities that come your way, especially in the month of March. In terms of emotions and feelings, the year ahead will test you and make you face situations that will take you out of your comfort zone. But, this will all be for your greater good. Fate will smile upon those of you who have been looking for love. Your personal issues will fade away and will be replaced with thoughts of a certain someone who walks into your life and makes it beautiful. It will be a time when you are able to reach your goals more easily. If this year you had faced disappointment, the year ahead will be a welcome time as new opportunities are likely to come your way. March, July and October will be significant months for you. The east enhances your luck and the colours red, white and black are lucky for you in 2012!

Your Chinese Sign: ROOSTER










People born in the year of the rooster usually are good looking and like to show themselves off. Instead of being idle, they always appear to be decent and shrewd in public, even the most timid one of them. In year 2012 you will maximize your profits by applying your shrewdness while taking decisions. Your good sense prevails and you are able to benefit from opportunities that come knocking on your door in 2012. This is the year when you will finally realize that it’s time to settle down and create a stable life for yourself. Your friends will stand by you and see you through difficult situations. The months of June and August will be memorable as some personal occasions celebrating a joyous cause are indicated. A big promotion is indicated for some of you towards the end of the year. This will happen if you are in the legal sector. Green and blue will be your lucky colours in 2012

Your Chinese Sign: SHEEP










For those born under the sign of the Sheep 2012 will bring many new opportunities, especially in terms of career and finance. You are advised to be open to change and remain adaptable if you want to enjoy the benefits that these changes bring. A friendship will take a new turn and will surprise you with the feelings it evokes in you. Love is in the cards and it will fill your life with happiness. The middle of the year will be a challenging phase as your health will suffer and you will not be able to concentrate at work. What you can do to prevent this is take extra precautions as far as health is concerned. Do not let the pressures of life affect your well being in 2012. Face your problems with confidence and you will sail through. North is lucky for you. The month of July will be important for you. Green and yellow will be lucky for you

Your Chinese Sign: SNAKE










2012 will see people born under the sign of the Snake getting swept away in unexpected developments. You may face stiff competition at work and will have to work very hard if you want to get that promotion. It is very important for you to be on top of your finances in 2012 as you might have something to worry about in the months of April and June. Your social and personal life will be affected as you will hardly get any time to focus on your home front. Your relationships should not take a back seat and you should try to strike a balance between your work and home. You will be charming and seductive and the opposite sex will find it hard to resist you. Financially, your savings will be good and you will save up a lot in the months of April- July. Rely on your own gut feelings and you will mostly be proven right. The stock market brings you decent gains and you are satisfied with your progress. The south and south-east will be lucky for you. May will be a good month and the colours green and red will bring luck.

Your Chinese Sign: TIGER










Excitement, joy and hard work – these sum up how the year 2012 will be for you. Your renewed energy levels help you achieve a lot more in the coming few months. Stress related issues that you battled with in the year 2011 will be a matter of the past. You have a changed attitude to thank for! You will focus on all aspects of your life like money, love, career and home. You seek to strike a balance and sort things out in all these respects. In terms of love, your raw appeal will be too much for the opposite sex to overlook. You meet someone special and take things to the next level in a matter of months. April and May will be all about falling in love and dealing with issues related to this relationship. Money wise, too things will stabilize and you will pay off most of your credit card debts and breathe a sigh of relief. Feb, March and April will be significant for you. You can add to your luck by wearing these lucky colours like green and yellow. East and northeast direction brings you luck.

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