MasterChef US

Oh, my favorite reality shows are over and I have to wait for their nth season to be aired not too soon. BUT wait something is cooking in the corner and my very picky palate has just tasted a new sumptuous dish – MasterChef US.

First thing I love the show or maybe the first thing I hate about the show or… no, maybe the first thing I love about it is Gordon Ramsay who puts “F” on the food and everything! Compare to another fellow British reality-show judge Simon Cowell – I thought Gordon was more brutal and he will not butter neither sprinkle sugar onto your a**. You gotta serve this guy, together with other judges, Graham Elliot Bowles and Joe Bastianich, amazing ambrosia and gourmet dishes with expertise, technique, and finesse or else, they’ll gonna cut your throat and ground you to bits. Ahhhh the pressure these judges put on the contestants were out of this world – I can actually feel it – only in this show! But the tension and exasperation and perplexity of the challenges will be easily paid off and shanghaied if the contestant, even though amateur and home cook, has the guts and ingrained culinarian craft – but wanting to wear the apron of MasterChef, you gotta be able to stand the heat of the kitchen.

The audition is ongoing for the Season 3, i am wondering if there is a someone who has a Pinoy-blood na nag attempt na mag audition at maging contestant eventually - that would be cool! or maybe, we just have to wait for the Pinoy version of the show - MasterChef Philippines, yes? Anyways, I'm just salivating for the season 3!

Photo courtesy Reveille/Shine TV/One Potato Two Potato/Fox

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