ANTM 18: Episode 1: American and British Public Figures

"Prepare to clash cultures!"

For this shoot, girls will gonna pair; one girl from the UK and one girl from the US; and they will be representing iconic figure from their individual countries - posing not for a traditional photographer but actually be shooting with 60 cameras at the same time as it capture their images in 3D - freeze them in the air while jumping on mini trampoline.

America's Next Top Model

Alisha (UK) as Elton John
Annalise (UK) as Melanie Brown/Spice Girls
Ashley (UK) as Princess Diana
AzMarie (US) George Washington
Candace (US) Janet Jackson
Catherine (UK) Queen Elizabeth I
Eboni (US) Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
Jasmia (John Lennon)
Kyle (US) Andy Warhole)
Laura (US) Madonna
Louise (US) Amy Winehouse
Mariah (US) Pocahontas
Seymone (US) Michelle Obama
Sophie (UK) Margaret Thatcher

Courtesy: Homorazzi photos tream @flickr
Photos: Chris Frawley/The CW
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