ANTM 18: Episode 2: Photo Shoot: Toddlers with Kris Jenner

"Tomorrow's Koncept will have you feeling like a kid again!"

For the photo shoot, the girls have to pose as toddlers in groups, with Kris Jenner posing as their "mother" and her real-life daughters Kendall and Kylie posing as their sisters.

America's Next Top Model

Azmarie (US) and Ashley (UK)

Kelly Cutrone: Ashley, i feel that you really elevated yourself in this shot. I love the placement of your legs and how you holding onto Kris. Azmarie, I'm disappointed. If I were doing the casting and you came in I would want you to use your inner and outer beauty and not have to overdo anything and just be - and I'm just not getting that in the shot.

Nigel: Azmarie, even if you playing down - you're having fun with the crayon, i almost what you did to wicked crayon like a broken crayon like you snapped it and then look at me like "What?"

America's Next Top Model

Kyle (US) & Mariah (US)

Tyra: Oh my god, Kris you look good!

Kris Jenner: Thank you!

Nigel: Goodness, yeah, there!

Kris Jenner: Mariah, I appreciated your energy on set and the way that you just morphed into the same facial expression sort of Kendall and Kylie and I love the lips.

Tyra: Kyle, I see you being a little bit too punched - you have to be baby and then remember that you're a model and right now I just see a model. And then, Mariah, I don't like the sexuality. I would prefer to see more innocence.

Kelly: - because it does not have anything to do with what you were there to do - and if this was the best shot and this was my client and I'm responsible to them, you would cost a million-dollar-contract in this shot. So this doesn't work.

America's Next Top Model

Catherine (UK), Laura (US ) & Sophie (UK)

Tyra: Whoa! You all are working it!

Nigel: This is my favorite shot so far. This is the home field - the theme. Sophie, you look great! Your face has spoke - that your legs and the bottom part of your body, it's just feels like you're not modelling - it's just in the face. The body language is again _________.

Kris: Laura, fantastic! Upside down - you really brought your personality to the whole day. And if you look to the right, I'm holding like creepy baby in this shot -

Tyra: Oh yeah -

Kris: - and she sort of emulated creepy baby.

Tyra: Catherine, I love that there is an elegance to it. Yeah, I actually think you are really sweet. I would have like to see exaggerate a little bit more. Remember when there's 3 girls in the photo, you're working with them but you also competing against them to also stands out.

America's Next Top Model

Candace (US) & Eboni (US)

Tyra: Up next, mama has some chocolate babies too - Candace and Eboni.

Nigel: Goodness me. Eboni, my eyes go to you. I feel like you're looking at me in this picture.

Tyra: One thing Eboni, is i have to give it up to you because i know that you got your cheek burned in the salon. I had a crazy burn on my eye at the photo shoot and it was very painful so you pushed through here. You showed that, "Yeah you can burn me but you can't break me".

Kelly: Candace, I love the shot of you. Your legs, you have legs for days - like if you could have pulled up a little more in your torso which is kinda little bit longer and your torso...

America's Next Top Model

Seymone (US) & Annaliese (UK)

Tyra: I dont' like this fan-dabby-dozy shot.

Kelly: I'm not fan-dabby-dozy in this shot. No. Annaliese, i dont know you just kinda reminded me of like Diana Ross like on crackerjack or something in this picture like i'm not digging this shot at all. And Seymone, you can't afford to pose like this. I feel like all the energy just slides off to the left. I feel that this is not a good picture for you.

Tyra: You, Seymone, can't just be pretty, there's gorgeous body, I don't see any of it here. You gotta work that body and I don't mean sexuality. I just mean work your angles.

America's Next Top Model

Louise (UK) & Alisha (UK)

Kris: They were so good. They ate the baby food. We didn't have to we were going to pretend eating baby food and they actually were great.

Kelly: Louise, you look great in the picture. Beautiful face, really amazing hair and make-up but you look hot hot hottie, you don't look like little baby. There's nothing to me you're about the shot. Too sexy for school.

Nigel: Alisha, i think you look beautiful. I don't really see the baby thing, it's like cute, very sweet. I guess with the arms and the legs in pretzel position I've lost a lot of ________, I'm not sure what the story is.

Alisha: Do you want me to be that really upset that wasn't getting any so -

Tyra: Sometimes with models, we go "Oh i was thinking that" but just "this" i could be feeling this jealous as I can to the world but if I'm not showing you that then it's just in my head. So, if you're jealous, you have to, you know, give it a little bit.

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