ANTM 18: Episode 3 Photo Shoot: Ad Campaign

Girls meet Kelly Cutrone for their their photo shoot, which is an ad campaign for The girls are divided into two groups - British, and American. They assign themselves a concept for the photo shoot, a leader for the group, wardrobe, hair and make-up, props, and castings for male models.

UK Team: 60's British Mod

America's Next Top Model


Cat Deely: It's actually looks really young and fresh.

Kelly Cutrone: The idea behind it was supposed to be, you reach that 15-age demographic which is what is all about.

Tyra: I find that the body positioning and stuff just looks catalogue-y. If you gonna leap, just leap forward a little bit.

Nigel: She's got such a great sense about her. I guess i just love her personality. She's smiling and giggling but she doesn't have much control of her body.

Kelly: It's an OK shot. But i think she needs to bring the modeling now. This is another example of personality over compensating for lack of modeling skills.

America's Next Top Model


Nigel: I don't know whether it's Illuminata for me but it's a cool shot. It looks like you're about to fall over.

Cat: How did you this? Was there a crash mat just down here?

Sophie: No i just went for it.

Cat: I like the fact that it's kinda quite brave move.

Tyra: It's fun and corky but you're still holding on to being a model and to me it reminds of Twiggy.

Nigel: Yes it does. You pick the words out of my mouth.

Kelly: She really embodied the vibe of the brand and that's as a ______ something I'm looking for.

Cat: She embodies to me everything about London.

America's Next Top Model


Nigel: I really like it. You as well for me can be a bit of comedienn and I guess that is what Era-Descent is.

Tyra: I'm in love with your eyes here.

Kelly: The makeup was beautiful that Cover Girl makeup on this shoot - her eyes were beautiful.

Tyra: Your eyes remind me of actually Princess Di.

Cat: Yeah, you're right.

Tyra: I kinda want to buy the dress.

Cat: I do too. I actually really like the dress.

Tyra: She's doing her job.

Kelly: That's right.

America's Next Top Model


Nigel: It's an interesting shot but I feel you're posing for the camera and as a result the camera is almost too present in the picture.

Kelly: I don't think you picked the best shot.

Tyra: I don't love this picture but one thing I do actually love about this is your skin. It's like very nice like Anne Hathaway.

Kelly: I think maybe she fell a little bit flat there.

Nigel: She looks like she's so 40 years old.

America's Next Top Model


Tyra: What is yourIntoxicabela power?

Alisha: Gam-A-Tronica. And it's all about power of the legs.

Nigel: So you chose a shot where you're legs are cropped?

Alisha: I know. I know.

Nigel: Did you forget what your name was whilst picking the pictures? Gam - Legs?

Cat: Because you don't see the rest of your legs you kinda miss the proportion of the jacket a little bit.

Tyra: Yeah, the coat is wearing you - you're not wearing the coat.

Kelly: I'm disappointed in this shot for you because you are so beautiful on the set. You're really confident. Maybe what's wrong is your photo-picking ability.

Nigel: I wanna see Alisha's Gams - stunning girl.

Cat: It didn't know if it sells the coat.

America's Next Top Model


Nigel: For me you look strongly look tough that you're very mean.

Louise: Mean?

Nigel: Mean.

Louise: Pftttt.

Louise: Like I can't whim.

Kelly: I think you need to put some gratitude in your attitude girl.

Nigel: I know you shake your head a lot. You disagee a lot, you know, that's also potentially good when you're being critiqued - to take it in with charm.

Kelly: My experience with you on the set was you're very condescending and rude to me.

Louise: No, no, no, no - you're rude to me.

Kelly: Okay. I'm done talking to you.

Louise: Fine.

Tyra: You just have a problem with us, are you?

Louise: I don't do well with rude people.

Tyra: You're a model. This is A publicist. You understand?

Louise: I understand.

Tyra: There is a rank. I'm giving you a very tough lesson and how to get your career to the next level.

Cat: It's so important Louise, it's one of the best thing you can possibly do because - ohhh she's shaking her head now. I'm actually saying -

Tyra: Why you're shaking your head?

Louise: No! -

Tyra: Louise has decided to leave the competition. On America's next Top Model we like to think that our criticism is constructive although very tough but it's not for everyone.

Tyra: We're gonna discuss Louise. We didn't even get a chance to really talk about the photo. I was ready to say "I think this is genius WAAAAAA"

Kelly: I was even gonna eat all of her rudeness and complement her on the photo.

Cat: Louise I think needs to maybe learn a few life lessons.

US Team: Punk Love

America's Next Top Model


Nigel: I think it's striking, oh it's stunning. And i think it about time.

Kelly: I feel that your leadership gave them (US team) a really strong edge a team.

Tyra: Azmarie, this Andro-Genia to the max. You did it!.

Nigel: Killer shot Azmarie. She's selling the jacket even though she's not wearing the jacket. That's genius.

Tyra: I love the fact that she looks like a matador.

Cat: She does!

America's Next Top Model


Nigel: It's a great shot. It's a cool picture. It's high-fashion for me. I loved it especially your eye.

Tyra: I love the fact you're just so in control of the jumping - so many people when they jump they do like weird things with their face.

Kelly: I love looking at her in photographs.

Cat: I love the bubbly eyes.

Nigel: I love to see this sort of vibrance in front of me and then the whole package will come together.

America's Next Top Model


Kelly: Seymone, I don't think it's the most amazing shot. I really want you to start to own your body.

Cat: For me, it was a bit immature. Oh, i don't know if that would alienate - does it will work?

Tyra: I want girls that__________ to see likely overly sexualized version of themselves and be like urrrrgh.

Nigel: I think it's gorgeous.

Kelly: For me like Seymone is holding her own which is also holding it earlier and I really want her to bring it.

Tyra: I love the fact that her face looks like a baby and her body looks like a bam bam bam!

America's Next Top Model


Tyra: Ahhhh!

Nigel: Show the cloths. I would have loved to just get a little bit more of your face.

Cat: I love this picture. I even love the shadow of the leg against the wall.

Kelly: I think it's on point for the client. It's cool. It's English. It's punk. It's rock and roll. I love the shot of Laura. It think it's super powerful. She was great to work with

Nigel: There's attitude. There is a fire. It's a classic shot.

America's Next Top Model


Tyra: So you're suppose to be young, 30-Never and your face went hahhhh as oppose to really bright and really happy and maybe jumping like Kyle did.

Kelly: In this picture Eboni you were like the princess from last night's party.

Nigel: Too sexy in a wrong kinda way.

Kelly: This picture for me is a sad picture - beautiful girl though.

Nigel: Yeah, this shot doesn't work.

Tyra: Just like a baby trying to be sexy.

Nigel: Absolutely.

America's Next Top Model


Kelly: I'm so disappointed in this picture. It was so not what I want from you in this competition because when i look at you right now, you are stunning.

Nigel: And the body positioning, the pose it's really kinda cheesy.

Candace: I thought at shoot, i was like over analyzing it and i have so much thought into it. I can't make any excuses but it did defeat me.

Kelly: This is just sad shot of Candace. I couldn't stand watching her, it was a struggle in the shoot. She's a beautiful beautiful girl and that was a painful for me.

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